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Matrikon® software drivers and products have been built on a solid foundation of quality for over 20 years. We take great pride in ensuring that our products are truly "Industrial Strength OPC".


OPC Data Management

  OPC UA Tunneller Software
  FLEX Dispatch™
  MDB Modbus Adapter
  MQTT Publisher
  OPC Data Manager
  OPC Redundancy Broker
  OPC Funnel
  Server for Caching
  OPC Security Gateway

Free OPC UA and OPC Test Tools

  OPC UA Explorer
  DA Explorer
  A&E Explorer
  HDA Explorer
  Explorer Mobile
  OPC Simulation

  OPC UA Explorer (iPhone)
  OPC UA Explorer (Android)

OPC Archiving and Analytics

  OPC Excel Reporter
  Easy OPC Trender
  OPC Client for ODBC
  OPC Desktop Historian
  History Link
  OPC Buffer
  OPC HDA Explorer
  File Collector
  Matrikon Condition


Data Connectivity Devices

  Industrial Data Logger
  UA Modbus Gateway

OPC Servers

  OPC Server List


  OPC UA Suite
  OPC UA Embedded Suite
  OPC Smart Grid I2G
  FLEX Dispatch™


OPC Solutions and Architectures

  Publish OPC UA data over MQTT
  Shopfloor data to Azure
  Shopfloor data to AWS
  Distributed OPC Historians
  OPC Security
  OPC for the Wind

  OPC Dynamic Recipe

  OPC for the Power

  OPC for SmartGrid
  OPC for DCS Migrations
  OPC to OPC UA Migration

Free Downloads

  Product Software

OPC Security

  OPC Security Gateway



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