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OPC Hub and Spoke

Guaranteed Data Delivery

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OPC Hub and Spoke solution is designed to solve many individual problems manufacturers are currently facing, including reliability, accuracy, maintainability and affordability of historizing process data. OPC Hub and Spoke is a solution based on a number of individual OPC technologies to reliably transfer process and business data from remote locations to a central repository as well as securely trend and analyze your process data at the source location.

Process Data must be accurate and accessible, yet secure. Having unreliable communication channels can severely impact your data integrity. Using OPC Hub and Spoke solution, process data can be securely collected and buffered at the data source, and then forwarded to the central historian when the communication is restored, guaranteeing the data delivery and integrity of your process data.

OPC Hub and Spoke design is instrumental in creating a standard based solution for the collection and analysis of historical process data. Based on OPC HDA, Historical Data Access is the OPC standard used to exchange archived data, process data can be easily exchanged between an application and any data-archive in a consistent manner. It also enables enterprise-wide interoperability as all applications can rely on a single industrial standard that is supported by all key vendors.

Get the Product Datasheet:
OPC Hub and Spoke Solution from MatrikonOPC Datasheet

OPC Hub and Spoke

Key Benefits:

  • Guaranteed Data Delivery over unreliable communication lines.
  • Tag level OPC security to grant and deny access to the archived data.
  • Analyze, trend, and buffer your process data at the source.
  • Standards based (OPC) for ease of integration with third party layered
  • Reduce cost of ownership: training, maintenance, capital cost.

  • Enabling Technologies

  • MatrikonOPC Tunneling Technology
        Matrikon OPC Tunneller provides an easy, reliable and effective way to
        communicate between networked computers. It does away with the headaches
        typically associated with the configuration of DCOM. No longer are different
        protocols, security settings or locations a factor when sharing data between
        computers. This is achieved by simply installing Matrikon OPC Tunneller on
        the OPC client and OPC server nodes. From that point it is only a matter of
        stipulating a computer name or IP address and the port setting. Learn more!

  • MatrikonOPC HistoryLink
        The MatrikonOPC HistoryLink is built upon the MatrikonOPC Tunnelling
        technology. HistoryLink enables two OPC HDA capable process historians to
        share historical data. HistoryLink can move data on an ongoing schedule
        (ScheduleLink), or be triggered via some process variable (MonitorLink).
        Historical data management has never been easier. HistoryLink is also iC!
        Enabled, thus remote configuration is possible. Learn more!

  • MatrikonOPC Buffer
        MatrikonOPC Buffer is an off the shelf solution for remote data collection,
        buffering, and with the optional History-Link module; historical data transfer
        to a central process historian. This product is great for engineers and project
        managers who need guaranteed data collection and delivery from
        geographically remote sites. Learn more!

  • MatrikonOPC Desktop Historian
        For manufacturers that need to analyze process data, the MatrikonOPC
        Desktop Historian is an affordable, easy to install, easy to configure and easy
        to administer data archiving tool. Unlike enterprise process historians that are
        designed to manage the needs of the entire corporation, MatrikonOPC
        Desktop Historian, an operation process historian, focuses on data collection,
        not data presentation and processing. Learn more!

  • Get the Product Download:
    OPC Tunneller
    OPC History Link
    OPC Buffer
    OPC Desktop Historian

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