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OPC Free Test Tools

Matrikon OPC has the OPC tools that the world depends on. Here, you'll find tools to test, simulate, view, and change data using OPC.

  • OPC UA Explorer – Matrikon OPC UA Explorer is a free OPC Unified Architecture…
  • Data Broker (MDB) UA Simulation Server – MDB provides a free OPC UA…
  • OPC Explorer – Connect to DA, A&E, and HDA OPC Servers…
  • OPC Simulation Server – Simulate OPC Data for testing…
  • OPC Sniffer – Troubleshoot OPC interoperability issues…
  • OPC Analyzer – Find common OPC problems and backup log files…

      Matrikon OPC UA Explorer
    Matrikon OPC UA Explorer is a free OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) Client packed with easy testing and troubleshooting functionality for OPC UA servers. Unlike other OPC UA clients, Matrikon OPC UA Explorer is fast, easy to use, and is packed useful convenience functions. More Info

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      Matrikon Data Broker (MDB) UA Simulation Server
    MDB provides a free OPC UA Simulation server that can easily set up OPC UA data sources in Windows, Containers, and Linux. MDB UA Simulation server can be used alone or with other federated OPC UA data sources so users can conveniently work with all their data sources via a single OPC UA address space. Learn More
      Matrikon OPC Explorer
    The world's most installed OPC client, Matrikon OPC Explorer is a free utility to view OPC Server items and test real-time OPC connections. Matrikon OPC Explorer is a quick, yet powerful tool to test your OPC Servers and makes OPC development pain free. More Info

    DA and A&E Explorer – for real-time data and Alarms and Events
    A&E Explorer - for Alarms and Events data
    HDA Explorer - for historical data
    Explorer Mobile – Run Explorer from a USB key (DA and A&E)
    OPC UA Explorer
      Matrikon OPC Simulation Server
    For integrators, developers and others using OPC, Matrikon OPC Simulation Server is a free utility used to help test and troubleshoot OPC applications (clients) and connections. More Info

      Matrikon OPC Sniffer
    Free utility to troubleshoot interoperability issues. Matrikon OPC Sniffer lets you see what's going on "under the hood" between your OPC Client and OPC Server. More Info

      Matrikon OPC Analyzer
    OPC Analyzer is a free utility is used to find common OPC problem areas and backup important OPC-related files. Used by support technicians at Matrikon OPC for years, this software is now being made available to the public. Multiple plain text files containing the information are generated and conveniently zipped into a single file. More Info




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