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MatrikonOPC A&E Explorer


A free OPC Client used to view OPC Alarms and Events and test OPC A&E connections.

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Built for integrators, developers, and others using Alarms and Events via OPC, MatrikonOPC A&E Explorer is a free utility for testing and troubleshooting OPC A&E servers. Not only does this OPC Explorer support A&E, it also supports connectivity to OPC DA, for your real-time connections. Beyond simple connection testing, MatrikonOPC A&E Explorer provides advanced functions including OPC server load testing, identifying secure OPC Servers and the ability to connect to them to test for proper configuration.

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MatrikonOPC A&E Explorer

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MatrikonOPC A&E Explorer

MatrikonOPC A&E Explorer will tell the user which OPC interfaces are supported in their OPC Server. This will include DA, HDA, Alarms and Events (A&E) and OPC Security. With the addition of OPC Security, users will now be able to securely log in to access data on their OPC server.

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MatrikonOPC A&E Explorer Manual

Supported OPC Specifications:
  • OPC A&E 1.1



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