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Popular OPC Solutions and Architectures

MatrikonOPC offers a wide variety of OPC solutions and products that solves many market problems. Unlike other OPC vendors that provide the bare minimum for data connectivity, MatrikonOPC offers complete OPC solutions to ensure that you receive all your data in secure and reliable manner.

  • OPC DMZ Agent – Secure data access across de-militarized zones…
  • OPC Hub and Spoke – Store and Forward data from remote locations…
  • OPC Security – Provide data on the Need-To-Know basis…
  • Wireless OPC Solutions – Access OPC Data anywhere wirelessly…
  • OPC for the Wind Industry – Standardize data access with OPC…
  • OPC Dynamic Recipe Loading – Create batch recipes on the fly using OPC…
  • OPC for the Power Industry – Accessing the right information at the right time…
  • OPC for SmartGrid – Secure connectivity between all of the wireless data…
  • OPC for DCS Migrations – Reduce DCS Migration Project Risk with OPC…

      OPC DMZ Agent
    MatrikonOPC DMZ Agent™ provides a secure, standardized solution for accessing real-time and archived control automation data across De-Militarized Zones (DMZs) using off the shelf MatrikonOPC products. More Info

      OPC Hub and Spoke
    OPC Hub and Spoke solution is designed to solve many individual problems manufacturers are currently facing, including reliability, accuracy, maintainability and affordability of historizing process data. OPC Hub and Spoke is a solution based on a number of individual OPC technologies to reliably transfer process and business data from remote locations to a central repository as well as securely trend and analyze your process data at the source location. More Info

      OPC Security
    The amount of data required to complete a task is different for each level of personnel in your plant. The control system engineer might require having full read and writing access to all points in the automation system while an operator might only require access to a few points in the system in order to view the status of a machine and control it. This might be the same case for those at the management level - personnel at that level might only require read access to key performance data items. More Info

      Wireless OPC Solutions
    Wireless monitoring of instrumentation sensors such as temperature, flow, pressure, voltage, current, levels, weight, speeds, revolutions and others is a common requirement in the control industry. The term 'wireless' is used for any system used to transfer of information over a distance without the use of electrical conductors or 'wires'. The distances involved may be short (a few meters) like with a television remote or long (thousands or millions of kilometers) for radio or satellite communications. Wireless OPC solutions exist to meet all needs. More Info

      OPC in the Wind Power Industry
    Standardizing data access with OPC provides a better way to manage wind performance and control assets. OPC products that gather high-resolution, real-time data give the end user the ability to analyze and improve the operation of the wind farm. Also, OPC provides secure open connectivity between Wind Turbine Controller and the decision-making points making it the main building block in Green and Renewable Energy initiative. More Info

      OPC Dynamic Recipe Loading
    OPC, the de facto standard for vendor neutral data sharing, makes it possible to get the most from the relational data available in the form of OPC DA. Dynamic Recipe is a common challenge for the batch industry today. There are simple, low-cost, small footprint, standards-based solutions that enable process engineers, integrators and IT Professionals to build a reliable system. By standardizing on OPC-DA, the solution stays open and flexible, regardless of the PLC, Database or HMI vendor. More Info

      OPC Solutions in the Power Industry
    Accessing information at the right time is critical; where are the process bottlenecks, how effectively is the equipment being utilized, and what are the major causes of downtime? To get this information, networks are being deployed to reach controllers and plant floor devices which store this kind of data in their memories. Leveraging new networking technologies and OPC architectures has made this job easier than ever and has provided the power industries with new, up-to-the-minute, information at much lower costs. More Info

      OPC and I2G - Many Standards, One SmartGrid
    The SmartGrid represents a wide range of technologies. It is the future of electricity systems that connects all supply, grid and demand elements through an intelligent communication system. The success criterion for the smart grid initiative is ability to securely open connectivity between all of the current data sources and decision-making points including homes and businesses utilities. More Info

      OPC Reduces DCS Migration Project Risk
    As Distributed Control Systems, age manufactures often face higher maintenance costs and issues with discontinued hardware, limited software upgrades and spare parts. Many legacy DCS systems lack the reliability and functionality of newer systems and no longer meet the changing needs of industry. The end result is typically a project to migrate the legacy control system to a newer automation control platform. More Info




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