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OPC Training: Custom and Onsite Training Workshops

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MatrikonOPC is the world’s largest provider of OPC Training. MatrikonOPC enables students to learn on their own terms from hands-on OPC workshops available globally in multiple languages, to web based OPC Training. MatrikonOPC is the only vendor whose trainers have extensive onsite experience; bringing this experience into the classroom enables students to learn real world solutions, to real world problems.

Private On-Site Training
Whether you have only a few people or a large number who need OPC training, MatrikonOPC has a variety of standard courses available, ranging from beginner to advanced curriculums. If you have a specific project or need, we can custom-build a course to meet your specific requirements. We will even design courses around your specific project and architecture to show you how to interface, troubleshoot and get the most from your assets.

Advantages to Onsite Training

Scheduling that works for you
Private workshops allows for participants to attend OPC Training on their schedule. The most common reason that participants do not attend Public MatrikonOPC Training is timing due to current project requirements. Private Training can be scheduled to occur on site at a time that is most appropriate for the participants. Bundling OPC Training with current projects allows for participants to leverage current project time lines for OPC Training.

Focused Training
During Public OPC Training Workshop, OPC Concepts are taught using generalized scenarios that may not apply to individual or project interests. This is due to the fact that most Public Workshops usually contain many participants from various industries, companies, projects and background. Private OPC training allows for the instructor to focus on teaching the OPC Concepts that apply to the current projects or problems that are being faced by the participants, their company and their industry. The confidential environment allows for discussion to revolve around current projects which significantly increases the value participants receive from the OPC Workshop.

Lower Total Costs, Higher Participation
OPC Training Public Workshops are usually held in major population centers around the world, but your plant may not be near one. In order to attend these public workshops additional cost is accrued with travel expenses. Private OPC Training allows for the instructor to conduct the workshop onsite reducing the overall cost for the workshop.

Customized Training
Including OPC Training into a current project allows the instructor to customize the material based on the project executed. This will allow for training that matters rather then general concepts or examples that may not be applicable to the current situation or project.

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