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Secure Data Connectivity Solutions

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Security is a pillar of modern data communications. From inter-system data connectivity on the shop-floor to the latest industrial IoT/I4.0 solutions: effective and sustainable enterprise wide communications demand secure data connectivity.

Use Matrikon security enabled products to enforce security in challenging real-world environments where third-party legacy systems with little to no data security need to be integrated with modern components without compromising security nor reliability. Built and thoroughly tested for secure operation, Matrikon OPC applications let you confidently extend the life of your legacy systems as you modernize your infrastructure to make it future-ready.

Beyond data encryption, Matrikon security solutions give you the granularity you need to control exactly what items each user can access and what they can do with each of those items (ex. Browse, read, and/or write).

OPC Security Suite Architecture Diagram

Webcast Recording: Implementing Secure OPC Architectures
Whitepaper: OPC Security Better Safe than Sorry
OPC Security Gateway Datasheet

Enabling Products
  MatrikonOPC Security Gateway
Supporting all vendor compliant OPC servers, MatrikonOPC Security Gateway fills security gaps in any existing OPC architectures. Security Gateway provides configurable access to the OPC architectures and full control for the user. Users can control who can browse, add, read or write per tag. More Info

  Matrikon OPC UA Tunneller™
Matrikon OPC UA Tunneller helps future-proof your control infrastructure in anticipation of increased utilization of OPC UA. It takes the uncertainty out of ensuring reliable OPC Classic/OPC UA interoperability and cross-network communications. This solution is the right choice to get your OPC Classic-to-Classic connectivity and Classic-to-UA bridging up-and-running quickly and efficiently.
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