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MatrikonOPC Data Connectivity Devices

Matrikon Industrial and Gateway data connectivity devices provide the ultimate in secure, reliable data visibility into remote parts of the enterprise commonly considered out of reach or overly expensive for traditional PC based OPC solutions.

From remote substations to rigs and offshore platforms – Matrikon Industrial and Gateway products are tough enough to handle challenging remote environments, are compact in size for use in confided ‘at the source’ spaces, and are easy to deploy and to administer remotely to maximize remote data access while keeping operational costs to a minimum.

Matrikon Industrial and Gateway Product Fast Facts:
Overview: Data connectivity devices for use at-the-data source data access


  • Provide data access to remote devices and data sources.
  • The Matrikon Industrial devices buffer data at the source and forward to     centralized archive.
  • The Matrikon Gateway line converts legacy protocols to UA without use of a PC.

  • Applications:
  • Remote locations
  • Industrial environments
  • At-the-source data access
  • Limited space environments

  • Advantages:
  • "Install & Forget" appliances provide easy installation and remote     administration.
  • Work in wider environmental conditions than PCs.
  • Support OPC UA.
  • Providing OPC UA and classic OPC data connectivity in field conditions where PC based solutions are not feasible – Matrikon Industrial and Gateway product lines provide both: visibility into the farthest reaches of the Enterprise and the flexibility needed for companies to extend the life of existing serial and legacy protocol based systems (ex. Modbus) by easily bringing real-time and historical data into modern architectures today and future emerging data systems.



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