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Matrikon Industrial UA Modbus Gateway

Secure and reliable data from remote PLC’s and devices

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Matrikon UA Modbus Gateway provides a simple and secure method to gain access to data from RTUs, PLCs, or any other devices that use the MODBUS data protocol. This versatile device is compact and rugged enough for use in applications where space and power are limited and wide ambient temperature swings are possible.   
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Matrikon UA Modbus Gateway is well suited for challenging situations that include:
  • limited power availability in remote conditions
  • remote or unmanned stations that need data collection
  • limited space requiring a compact solution
  • operation in extreme temperatures and/or dusty environments
  • leveraging a device that does not require IT governance
  • minimized cost of maintenance
  • secure data connectivity due to company policy or regulatory requirements

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Universal Device Connectivity
Matrikon UA Modbus Gateway connects to third party Modbus devices regardless of what vendor they are from. With support for multiple Modbus variants, Matrikon UA Modbus Gateway easily integrates all legacy and modern Modbus data sources into the OPC UA architecture.

Complete Remote Management
Once Matrikon UA Modbus Gateways have been installed in the field; they can be completely managed remotely. Any configuration changes can be achieved without sending any engineers into the field.

Multiple Communication Options
Modbus RTUs come in many Modbus flavors and hardware connector types. Matrikon UA Modbus Gateway maximizes your connectivity options with Modbus slave devise by supporting the following connection types:

  • Serial RS232
  • Serial RS422
  • Serial RS485
  • Simple Installation – No Additional Training Required.
    Easy to setup and configure, the OPC UA Modbus Gateway can be installed by a field engineer and directly into the field. With a flexible form factor, it can be DIN Rail mounted or directly beside the RTU itself.

    Secure Data Communications
    Built on the inherently secure OPC UA standard; Matrikon UA Modbus Gateway provides true data security right down to the Modbus device. When installed and connected to local RTUs, OPC UA Modbus Gateway can encrypt the data as it is sent across the network. This ensures only valid, authorized, users are able to connect to and gain access to data from critical assets.

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