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Matrikon® DMZ Agent

Secure Control Automation Data Sharing Across Firewalls and DMZs

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Matrikon® DMZ Agent provides a secure, standardized solution for accessing real-time and archived control automation data across De-Militarized Zones (DMZs) using off the shelf MatrikonOPC products.

Problem: Corporate IT departments implement DMZs to protect network assets by layering and isolating secure zones from those that are considered less secure. Network traffic is restricted between these layers via multiple firewalls and a common PC between them. While DMZs work to secure the automation environment from the dangers present in the outside world, they prevent necessary operations and business applications from accessing key data using traditional methods.

Solution: DMZ Agent™ overcomes DMZ related control data sharing issues by providing engineers and system integrators with two time-tested OPC architectures depending on design and corporate security policies.

  • The DMZ Agent Pull solution enables permitted enterprise applications to     securely initiate requests for OPC data located within a secure network.

  • The DMZ Agent Push solution allows permitted enterprise applications to     receive secure network data pushed from within a DMZ (one way firewall     configuration).

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    DMZ Agent from MatrikonOPC Datasheet

    OPC DMZ Agent

    Key Benefits:

  • Streamlined architecture provides flexible configuration depending on data     needs.
  • Easy to use, requires minimal configuration and maintenance.
  • Eliminates traditional DCOM and firewall issues associated with DMZs
  • Provides secure, controlled access to process data.
  • Enables access from multiple data sources to multiple users
  • Works across multi-layered networks.
  • Push architecture provides access to historical data.
  • Pull architecture provides access to real time and/or historical data.
  • Pushes data to an archive outside the DMZ or allows OPC Clients to pull data
        from DMZ.
  • Integrates with all historians and databases.
  • Configurable data encryption.
  • OPC UA compatible.

  • Enabling Technologies

  • Matrikon OPC UA Tunneling Technology
        Matrikon OPC UA Tunneller provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface to help you     get your Classic-to-Classic OPC connectivity and Classic-to-OPC UA bridging up-and-     running quickly and efficiently.. Learn more!

  • MatrikonOPC Security Gateway
        MatrikonOPC Security Gateway secures all real-time OPC architectures. Unlike     OPC solutions that rely only on DCOM security, Security Gateway controls who can     browse, add, read and/or writesp; &nb to a tag on a per-user-per tag basis on any     OPC DA server. Fully standards-based for maximum compatibility, the Security     Gateway implements the OPC Foundation’s OPC Security specification.
        Learn more!

  • MatrikonOPC HistoryLink
        The MatrikonOPC HistoryLink is built upon the MatrikonOPC UA Tunnelling
        technology. HistoryLink enables two OPC HDA capable process historians to
        share historical data. HistoryLink can move data on an ongoing schedule
        (ScheduleLink), or be triggered via some process variable (MonitorLink).
        Historical data management has never been easier. HistoryLink is also iC!
        Enabled, thus remote configuration is possible. Learn more!

  • MatrikonOPC Buffer
        MatrikonOPC Buffer is an off the shelf solution for remote data collection,
        buffering, and with the optional History-Link module; historical data transfer
        to a central process historian. This product is great for engineers and project
        managers who need guaranteed data collection and delivery from
        geographically remote sites. Learn more!

  • MatrikonOPC UA Proxy
        The MatrikonOPC UA Proxy enables existing OPC Classic client applications to     connect and communication with Unified Architecture (UA) servers and devices.     This allows users to integrate emerging UA products into existing OPC Classic     infrastructure. Learn more!

  • MatrikonOPC UA Wrapper
        The MatrikonOPC UA Wrapper for COM OPC Servers provides OPC UA clients     with access to legacy COM OPC DA and HDA, OPC Servers using OPC UA     Specifications. The UA Wrapper exposes COM OPC servers as folders in the     OPC UA server’s address space. Learn more!

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    OPC Tunneller
    OPC Security Gateway
    OPC History Link
    OPC Buffer

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    DMZ Agent from MatrikonOPC Datasheet



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