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Download: Matrikon OPC DMZ Agent Datasheet

Secure Control Automation Data Sharing Across Firewalls and DMZs

Matrikon® OPC DMZ Agent™ provides a secure, standardized solution for accessing real-time and archived control automation data across De-Militarized Zones (DMZs) using off the shelf Matrikon OPC products.

Use the Matrikon® DMZ Agent to quickly and easily overcome the DMZ obstacle without compromising any security policies nor exposing your important data sources to additional risks.

Built using standardized, commercial off the shelf (COTS) Matrikon® applications, DMZ Agent is easy to setup and provides a rich set of functions. Learn more!

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Learn more about the Matrikon® DMZ Agent and how easily it can enable you to securely share data across firewalls and DMZs, download now the datasheet>>

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