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OPC Reduces DCS Migration Project Risk

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As Distributed Control Systems, age manufactures often face higher maintenance costs and issues with discontinued hardware, limited software upgrades and spare parts. Many legacy DCS systems lack the reliability and functionality of newer systems and no longer meet the changing needs of industry. The end result is typically a project to migrate the legacy control system to a newer automation control platform.

DCS Migration is a challenge manufactures must deal with as part of the life cycle management of their installed control systems. Successful DCS migrations systematically phase-out legacy components while new components are brought on line. This phased approach requires the seamless transfer of real-time data between existing multi-vendor devices and the new components. With secure and reliable data connectivity to industry DCS systems, manufactures can overcome many migration challenges and reduce the risk of being locked to a specific vendor. MatrikonOPC offers a DCS suite of products in partnership with the major players in the industry to ensure comprehensive testing on the latest hardware to ensure total compliance.

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