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MatrikonOPC Server for Triconex

Secure and Reliable OPC Connectivity to Triconex


The MatrikonOPC Server for Triconex, is the only OPC connectivity certified for Triconex safety and critical control systems. It has obtained the highest safety and reliability ratings available for mission critical software such as:

  • Achilles Level 1 Certification
        The Achilles Certification Program is the security benchmark for industrial
        applications. MatrikonOPC server for Triconex undergone testing of real-world
        cyber attacks. Read More about Achilles Certified OPC Server...

  • Honeywell PKS Advantage certified
        PKS Advantage™ is a Honeywell-sponsored, collaborative program that
        engages other best-in-class suppliers of automation components.
        MatrikonOPC server for Triconex enables Honeywell to deliver open.
        Read More about Honeywell PKS Certified OPC Server...

  • OPC Foundation Gold Lab Certification
        MatrikonOPC Server for Triconex achieved the highest level of OPC
        certification. Testing is conducted by Sanctioned Certification Test Labs only.
        Read More about Gold Certified OPC Server...

  • Stratus compatible testing
        Stratus Technologies, Inc., a based producer of fault tolerant computers, has
        certified the reliability of MatrikonOPC server for Triconex after passing
        rigorous tests.

  • Certified Achilles Level One Honeywell PKS Advantage certified OPC Foundation Third Certified

    Using certified interoperable products reduces project risk. You can access, bridge, or transfer your data from your Tricon and Trident devices to HMI, SCADA, and Historians. The product has several features that are important to automation tasks, including:

    1. NEW! the new Triconex Firmware is now supported!
    2. Transfer Real-time 10,000 items per second
    3. Supports OPC Alarms and Events: Simple Events.
    4. All types of events are supported: Simple Events, Conditional Events, and Tracking Events
    5. Communicates to TCM and NCM with no DCOM headaches
    6. Read more than 1 SOE Block at a time
    7. Generate the OPC Server Configurations easily from the TriStation
    8. Read device SOEs and return them as OPC A&E messages
    9. Read Tristation SOE files for enhanced A&E messages
    10. Supply all available OPC A&E item's attributes
    11. Device-level redundancy support
    12. Advanced tag processing and calculation
    13. Multiple devices and network interfaces support

    Learn more here:
    OPC Server for Triconex
    Training: Leveraging OPC to Maximize your Triconex Safety Systems

    MatrikonOPC is world’s first class OPC provider of secure and reliable connectivity to engineering systems. With the growing demand of security and proper certification for safety and critical systems, MatrikonOPC has shown a proven record in quality and reliability in their offerings to enable end-users improve process operations and eliminate cyber risks external or internal.

    MatrikonOPC Server for Triconex



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