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OPC in the Wind Power Industry

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Environmental concerns and fluctuating oil prices have caused a paradigm shift in today’s power generation industry. People are turning to renewable energy sources such as wind power as viable alternatives. However, wind power installations have unique challenges –the need for continuous access to real-time from diverse locations of multiple generating stations is a crucial part for making production decisions and better manages wind farms assets.

Standardizing data access with OPC provides a better way to manage wind performance and control assets. OPC products that gather high-resolution, real-time data give the end user the ability to analyze and improve the operation of the wind farm. Also, OPC provides secure open connectivity between Wind Turbine Controller and the decision-making points making it the main building block in Green and Renewable Energy initiative.

OPC Wind Solutions

Data delivery is also another important component in the wind industry. The OPC Hub and Spoke design is instrumental in creating a standards based solution for the collection and analysis of historical process data. Based on OPC HDA, is the OPC standard used to exchange archived data, process data can be easily exchanged between an application and any data-archive in a consistent manner. It also enables enterprise-wide interoperability as all applications can rely on a single industrial standard that is supported by all key vendors.

Energy monitoring devices and reporting tools are being adopted as the first step to ensure compliance to regulations. MatrikonOPC’s Connectivity drivers are enabling our clients to integrate their existing technology with energy monitoring devices and reporting tools. This allows them a quick, easy and cost effective solution to access the data they need.

Take your data sharing to the next level today with OPC:
OPC Hub and Spoke
OPC Server for DNP3
OPC Server for IEC 61850
OPC Server for IEC 61400-25
OPC Server for Mitsubishi Turbine Controller
OPC Server for NEG Micon
OPC Server for SCADA Modbus
OPC Server for Siemens Wind Turbines
OPC Server for Vestas Turbine Controller

For full OPC Servers Suites, click here.

For More Information on OPC Connectivity Solutions for the Wind Power:
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