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OPC Solutions in the Power Industry

Better Safe than Sorry

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Accessing information at the right time is critical; where are the process bottlenecks, how effectively is the equipment being utilized, and what are the major causes of downtime? To get this information, networks are being deployed to reach controllers and plant floor devices which store this kind of data in their memories. Leveraging new networking technologies and OPC architectures has made this job easier than ever and has provided the power industries with new, up-to-the-minute, information at much lower costs.

OPC Power PlantNew industry challenges include ensuring redundant, secure, reliable operations with minimum forced outages, implementing innovative strategies that reduce emissions, and dealing with volatile power markets while achieving the lowest operating costs possible. These industries are striving for interoperability and the integration of their information systems. OPC is the key for many different job functions. There are those working on the plant floor that require increased response times to their alarms. And for those who are decision makers and planners, there is a need for access to accurate and current information. And finally, there are those who require improved consistency and quality in their processes – the need for more automated processes is critical for operational excellence. Accessing that information in real-time and acting quickly on them can avoid critical situations such as:

  • Gas or Dust Explosions
  • Loss of Emission data due to communication outage

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    Energy monitoring devices and reporting tools are being adopted as the first step to ensure compliance. MatrikonOPC’s Connectivity drivers are enabling our clients to integrate their existing technology with energy monitoring devices and reporting tools allowing them a quick, easy and cost effective solution to access the data they need.

    Enabling Products
    PLC Connectivity Suite
    DCS Connectivity Suite
    Wireless-Ready OPC Server Suite
    Telemetry SCADA Servers
    Building Automation Connectivity Suite
    Turbine Controller OPC Server Suite



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