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OPC and I2G - Many Standards, One SmartGrid

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The SmartGrid represents a wide range of technologies. It is the future of electricity systems that connects all supply, grid and demand elements through an intelligent communication system. The success criterion for the smart grid initiative is ability to securely open connectivity between all of the current data sources and decision-making points including homes and businesses utilities.

NIST created the SmartGrid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) to work closely with private industry, government, and customer stakeholders in the identification and development of standards critical to achieving a reliable and robust Smart Grid, based upon the “NIST Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability Standards”. OPC UA is one of the SmartGrid standards.

The Industry-to-Grid Domain Expert Working Group (I2G) provides guidance concerning interoperability issues relevant to industrial producers and consumers including information technology and communication standards.

MatrikonOPC is proud to be an active member of I2G and promote OPC interoperability between the electric grid and industrial facilities.

OPC UA's rich and flexible information model is designed to meet the demands of the Smart Grid. OPC UA is designed to integrate different segment standards with OPC Servers for BACnet, DNP, IEC60870 and IEC61850. OPC UA also provides standardized connectivity to other standards that are not on the smart grid list, yet are common in the telemetry, industrial and building spaces, such as Johnson Controls, Modbus and SNMP. OPC UA is well positioned to help tie the 'interoperable grid' together.

SmartGrid OPC Interoperability
Effective interoperability is built on a unifying framework of interfaces, protocols and the other standards. With widely adopted standards like OPC, utilities will be able to manage varying supplies of solar, wind and other renewable energy sources easily and better respond to changing demand.

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