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MatrikonOPC Simulation Server



OPC Simulation Server is a free utility that provides simulated OPC DA, OPC HDA, and OPC A&E data for the purposes of testing OPC Clients.

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For integrators, developers and others using OPC, MatrikonOPC Simulation Server is a free utility used to help test and troubleshoot OPC applications (clients) and connections. Testing applications on "live" OPC servers may result in loss of actual production data. The MatrikonOPC Simulation Server creates an simulated environment so that in the event of a problem, no real process data is lost. Free for use in non-production environments only. For a production licensed and supported product, use MatrikonOPC Funnel or OPC Desktop Historian.

The MatrikonOPC Simulation Server natively supports the OPC Foundation's OPC Security specification. This is crucial for implementing secure OPC architectures.

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OPC Simulation Server

Invaluable for testing client functionality, the MatrikonOPC Simulation Server generates random, ramped, and stepped values. As well, the server provides a unique "bucket-brigade" mechanism that enables control logic testing.

Communicate with multiple OPC servers and clients simultaneously:
A single Matrikon OPC Tunneller is able to communicate with multiple OPC servers or clients from multiple vendors simultaneously.

MatrikonOPC's Industrial Strength Guarantee
Here at MatrikonOPC, we stand behind our products. Included in your purchase price is all software updates, 24/7 access to MatrikonOPC’s world-class support from our highly trained professionals around the globe and more for 1 year. We'll support you or your money back!

OPC Simulation Server Manual

Supported OPC Specifications:
  • OPC A&E (OPC Alarms and Events) 1.0
  • OPC A&E (OPC Alarms and Events) 1.01
  • OPC A&E (OPC Alarms and Events) 1.1

  • OPC DA (OPC Data Access) 1.0a
  • OPC DA (OPC Data Access) 2.0
  • OPC DA (OPC Data Access) 2.05a
  • OPC DA (OPC Data Access) 3.0

  • OPC HDA (OPC Historical Data Access) 1.0
  • OPC HDA (OPC Historical Data Access) 1.1
  • OPC HDA (OPC Historical Data Access) 1.2

  • Learn more about the power of MatrikonOPC Simulation Server in this hands-on multimedia exercise

    This multimedia exercise is designed to let you work with MatrikonOPC Simulation Server and other OPC tools and clients so you can better understand the power of OPC technology.
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