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OPC UA Server for Modbus (MDB Adapter)

Version 1.0

Get secure OPC UA connectivity to all your Modbus devices, PLCs, and field RTUs, via the Matrikon Data Broker (MDB) Adapter for Modbus, which runs on Windows and as a Linux Container – the ultimate OPC UA server for Modbus.

The MDB Adapter for Modbus provides robust data connectivity options for accessing and managing Modbus source data via an OPC UA server interface. This OPC UA Server for Modbus includes:

  • support for all major Modbus variants used by PLCs and RTUs,
  • advanced scheduling functionality for large, field-based RTU deployments
  • channel redundancy for maximum reliability,
  • and much more.

Download the datasheet for more information about the Modbus variants this OPC UA Server for Modbus supports.

Advanced Functionality:

  • Modbus Master and Modbus Slave modes supported
  • Ability to add context to raw Modbus data
  • Secure data visibility across the enterprise
  • and more…

Enterprise and IoT-ready Modbus connectivity

Extend the functional life of your Modbus infrastructure by modernizing it with security and enhanced data context based on OPC UA, along with enterprise-wide visibility enablement built into Matrikon Data Broker. Use the MDB Adapter for Modbus to incorporate your Modbus components into a modern, sustainable Unified OT Data Layer.

Architecture Overview

The MDB Modbus Adapter runs as an application on Windows or can be deployed as a Linux container. In addition, the MDB Modbus Adapter can be used locally, on the same system that MDB runs on, or remotely.


Download Matrikon OPC UA Server for Modbus (MDB Adapter)

Step 1: Download and Install the MDB Adapter

As an MDB Adapter, the Matrikon OPC UA Server for Modbus supports multiple operating systems and environments. Please download the version of the MDB Modbus Adapter best suited to your environment.

MDB Adapter Version Download to use
Linux Container

Step 2: Configure and use the MDB Adapter for Modbus

All MDB Adapters are plug-ins used with MDB instances. To use your MDB Adapter for Modbus, use Matrikon UA Explorer to:

  1. register the MDB Adapter with one or more of your MDB instances
    If you do not have MDB installed,
  2. configure your MDB Adapter

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