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Matrikon Condition Manager

Process calculations made easy. No programming required.


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Matrikon Condition Manager (CM) is a tool for engineers and system integrators to quickly and easily setup, deploy, and manage a condition management system which, continually evaluates inputs from all their data sources, feeds results back into the control system in real-time, and generates alarms and notifications as needed.

Once setup, calculations are downloaded into one of multiple Condition Manager engines. The engines continually execute the downloaded formulas without further end-user interactions. Thus, separating the process of setting calculation us and that of using them.

Matrikon Condition Manager can be used in the field and on the plant-floor, it is the right tool for those looking to:

  • Access all real time and historical data from multiple OPC data sources.
  • Apply their domain expertise to automate evaluation of input condition data without coding.
  • Generate alarms, send notifications, and execute commands.
  • Standardise on a single condition management system for use throughout the enterprise.
  • And much more.

If security and reliability are important for your control system, then Matrikon Condition Manager is what you need. Take action now!

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MatrikonOPC's Industrial Strength Guarantee
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Matrikon OPC Condition Manager

Condition Manager enables users to put the results it generates to work via:

  • Live trends or further analysis in Excel
  • Direct feedback into the control system via OPC to best adjust to changing conditions
  • Automatic responses such as user notification via emails or running scripts
  • Archiving of input and output data via OPC Desktop Historian
  • And many more



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