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Download: Matrikon OPC EdgeCalc (Condition Manager) - Demo Video

Engineers and System Integrators often have access to all their raw process and device data via OPC and know the analysis that needs to be performed to make the data meaningful however, lack a flexible tool that would let them easily and economically implement the calculations, evaluate the results, and automatically execute supervisory control by writing back into any number of values back into the system.

While different software and hardware solutions may appear to deliver the required functionality more often than not – they miss the mark by for various reasons. Some of the more typical reasons include: lack of computational flexibility, inability to write results back to the control system, or simply cost too much relative to the analysis being performed. There is however, an answer: Matrikon Condition Manager; which specifically provides the above functionality and more.

Watch the Matrikon EdgeCalc demo video to discover how you can:

  • Access all your available OPC data from within the tool;
  • Easily implement calculations ranging from simple EU conversions to massively complex calculations using an intuitive graphic user interface;
  • Exercise supervisory control based on the results of your calculations right from the application in real time.

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