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MatrikonOPC File Collector

Automate your Historical Data transfer into any Historian effortlessly.


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Historical data sent by MatrikonOPC Transporter can be compressed, encrypted, and tunnelled using Matrikon OPC's Tunneller .

MatrikonOPC File Collector is a robust OPC Client specifically designed to monitor a user specified directory for specified files and automatically imports them to any OPC compliant Historian. Typically MatrikonOPC File Collector searches for Comma Separated Value (CSV) files containing tag Value, Quality, Timestamp ( VQT’s), but is flexible enough to be configured to search for similar data file structures.

MatrikonOPC File Collector is a compact product that leaves a small footprint on your system. This is accomplished through intuitive built-in programming that provides the user with the choice of deleting a file once transferred into a Historian, or backing the file up in a remote directory.

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File Collector requires an OPC HDA server to send data to. If you have a historian or database, but no OPC HDA server, you can find one in our OPC Server Search.

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OPC File Collector

Unlike similar software programs, MatrikonOPC File Collector is fully customizable if desired. This gives MatrikonOPC File Collector the ability to search any file regardless of format and effortlessly transfer it to any OPC compliant Historian via an OPC HDA Server. Even in situations where OPC connectivity may be limited or unavailable File collector is still able to seamlessly import your specified data.

An extremely flexible and versatile OPC Client, MatrikonOPC File Collector is perfect for users who are working remotely with multiple data sources.

Key Features:
  • Effortlessly import file-based data into any historian
  • Imports a wide variety of file types
  • Runs silently and automatically in the background of your system
  • Unique design allows for low use of system resources
  • Remote Configuration:
    MatrikonOPC File Collector can be configured remotely. This is especially useful when off-site or remote data collection is required.

    MatrikonOPC File Collector - Architecture Diagram

    OPC File Collector Manual
    OPC File Collector Datasheet



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