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Case Study Downloads

+Анализ примера: Areva - OPC UA Embedded Server SDK (806KB, PDF)

+[CASE STUDY] Blue Pillar: Bringing Energy to OPC UA with Matrikon® FLEX OPC UA SDK (808 KB, PDF)

+[CASE STUDY] HollySys turns to Matrikon for Native OPC UA Connectivity (169Kb, )

+[CASE STUDY] Matrikon Supports Open Cloud Solution in China (633 KB, PDF)

+[CASE STUDY] VIMANA chooses Matrikon® FLEX OPC UA SDK to rapidly expand the connectivity of its smart manufacturing software (823 kb, PDF)

+2023 [Chinese] Chevron Phillips Chemical Case Study - Enterprise-wide OT data Access (1.17 MB, PDF)

+2023 Chevron Phillips Chemical Case Study - Enterprise-wide OT data Access (1.38 MB, PDF)

+ABB Reduces Integration Time Using Matrikon's OPC Server for GE Mark V

+ABB Relies on MatrikonOPC when Demonstrating Controllers and Applications to Customers (Using OPC Server for Modbus)

+ABB uses Matrikon’s OPC Server for Modbus and ABB SCADA Portal to implement a CEMS application at the LUKOIL Neftochim refinery (Using OPC Server for Modbus)

+AES Wind Generation brings dispersed data together (371 KB, PDF)

+Agrium Integrated Plant Wide Open Communication with MatrikonOPC Server for Modbus

+Alliance Pipeline Sheds Proprietary GE Mark V Communications (824 KB, PDF)

+Ammonia Plant Optimizes Operations by Connecting ABB Bailey DCS’s to InfoPlus.21 Historian Using OPC

+AOC Accesses Field Data and Improves Business Performance (523KB, PDF)

+AREVA Benefits From Open Connectivity With MatrikonOPC OPC UA Embedded Server SDK (793KB, PDF)

+AREVA profitiert durch das MatrikonOPC UA Embedded Server SDK von den Vorteilen offener Konnektivität (790KB, PDF)

+ATSCO Implements OPC Server for Kuwait National Petroleum Company

+Automatización y Control de Edificios Inteligentes (6.77 MB, PDF)

+Bergbauunternehmen beschleunigt Datenzugriff und senkt Kosten mit dem OPC Hub and Spoke-Lösungsportfolio (Deutsch) (2.45MB, PDF)

+Biotechnology Plant Uses OPC to Connect Five Control Systems

+BuildingIQ bewältigt Verbindungsprobleme mit dem MatrikonOPC Server for BACnet (Deutsch) (941KB, PDF)

+BuildingIQ Overcomes Communication Challenges with MatrikonOPC Server for BACnet (1.24MB, PDF)

+Calmetrics Integrates MatrikonOPC to Provide Connectivity in Hydroelectric Project

+Case Study: Shanghai Petrochemical Simplifies Data Acquisition Using MatrikonOPC Servers - Chinese (1.16MB, PDF)

+Celanese Acetate LLC Integrates Matrikon’s Plug & Play Server to Revolutionize the Way they Analyze Data

+Conspec Connects to RS485 Modbus Devices with MatrikonOPC Server for Modbus

+Cray Valley logra una interconectividad eficiente con el Servidor OPC para RS3 RNI de MatrikonOPC (910KB, PDF)

+DANONE Romania, Relies on Matrikon for Data Storage and Analytics (656 KB, PDF)

+Data Access reduces Maintenance and Downtime for Pacificorp (Using OPC Server for Modbus) (217KB, PDF)

+DSM Implements OPC Server for Fisher-Rosemount RS3 RNI and Modbus

+Dubai Airport Expands Public Announcement System with MatrikonOPC (451 KB, PDF)

+ECCOS inzenjering Optimizes Distribution in Critical Application for Gas Manufacturer Using Matrikon OPC

+Empresa Energética utiliza OPC para el funcionamiento de sus parques eólicos en España (897KB, PDF)

+Energieunternehmen greift mit Excel Reporter auf Echtzeit-Testdaten zu (Deutsch) (0.98MB, PDF)

+Energieversorger setzt für die Verwaltung seiner Windparks in Spanien auf MatrikonOPC (888KB, PDF)

+Energy Company Accesses Real-time Test Data with Excel Reporter (0.98MB, PDF)

+Energy Company uses OPC for operating its wind farms in Spain (884KB, PDF)

+European Chemical Plant Uses MatrikonOPC to connect Fisher-Rosemount RS3 Systems to a Honeywell PHD Process Historian

+Eurotherm announces agreement with Matrikon

+Feedforward Connects to a Legacy Device with an Out-of-the-Box Solution

+FeedForward Inc. Implements Environmental and Reporting System

+Flughafen Dubai erweitert das öffentliche Ansagesystem mit MatrikonOPC (763KB, PDF)

+Furniture manufacturer Swedwood improves processes by adding Universal Communication from MatrikonOPC (1.17MB, PDF)

+GIA Implements Matrikon OPC Server for ABB GCOM

+hExeis Improves Security and Eliminates DCOM Headaches using Matrikon OPC Tunneller (1.50MB, PDF)

+Hoganas AB Implements OPC Server for Intellution FIX

+Husky Builds Flexible Network with Standards Based OPC

+Hydro Tasmania Uses Matrikon OPC Tunnelling Technology to Overcome DCOM Issues When Connecting to Allen-Bradley PLCs and RSLinx

+IMV Projects Integrates MatrikonOPC Server for Intellution for iFIX to Speed-up Emerson FloBoss RTU Polling Sequence

+Integrating Live Production Data with Business Applications

+Integrator Connects Water Purification System to Building Automation System using Allen-Bradley Controllers

+Invensys' Triconex Enters Strategic Relationship With Matrikon to Provide OPC Information Connectivity

+KnowledgeScape Integrates MatrikonOPC’s Fisher Provox Server for its Speed, Quality and Reliability

+Lack of Access to Data Hinders Competitiveness for Pulp & Paper Company (1.67MB, PDF)

+Major American Paper Mill Integrates an OPC Solution to Connect DCSs

+Major Manufacturer Integrates MatrikonOPC for Robust Connection Between NDC Pro.Net and Intellution iFIX Classic Historian

+Major North American Energy Company Chooses MatrikonOPC to Connect Disparate Control Systems

+Major North American Energy Company Uses MatrikonOPC to Connect Triconex Trident to Honeywell Experion PKS

+Major Petrochemical Company Integrates MatrikonOPC to Provide Quick and Reliable Access to Triconex Tricon and GE Mark VI

+Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Implements OPC Server for Honeywell PHD

+Matrikon and Nova Biomedical Develop OPC Server for Nova BioProfile Analyzers

+Matrikon Announces OPC Interface for ESC’s E-DAS Software Suite

+Matrikon helps Graco's customers monitor spray systems and increase efficiency using MatrikonOPC Server for Modbus

+Matrikon OPC Helps Bio-Pharmaceutical Plant Connect Multi-Vendor Control Systems to Comply with FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 Regulations

+Matrikon OPC Server Connects Process Control & Energy Management Systems in Hungarian Refinery

+Matrikon OPC Server Implemented at LUKOIL Refinery in Russia

+Matrikon Provides Connectivity for Emerson's FloBoss S600 Flow Computer

+Matrikon Supplies ABB with OPC Connectivity

+Matrikon to Supply OPC Servers and 2nd Level Support to Spartan Controls

+Matrikon-HMS Joint Development Provides Cost-Effective OPC Interface for Industrial Networks

+MatrikonOPC Connects Foxboro DCS to Rockwell RSView32 HMI to Identify Inefficiencies and Optimize Operations

+MatrikonOPC provides OPC Redundancy for Nuclear Power Plant

+Matrikon's OPC Server for Modbus Makes Connection to 300 RTUs Possible

+Matrix Technologies (AK Steel) (219KB, PDF)

+MetMex Peñoles Solves Connectivity Issue with MatrikonOPC's Allen Bradley OPC Server

+Mining Company Accelerates Data Access, Lowers Costs with OPC Hub and Spoke Solution (2.34MB, PDF)

+Motiva Implements Matrikon OPC Server for Honeywell PHD

+NOVA Chemicals Implements Matrikon’s OPC Client for ODBC

+Oil Producer Implements Best Practices in Remote Data Collection with OPC (1.17MB, PDF)

+OPC Enabled Real-Time Access to Remote Field Data

+OPC Helps Dairyland Increase Power Production

+OPC Helps Oil Refinery Minimize Manual Tank Measurements

+OPC Server for Foxboro I/A Implemented at Air Liquide

+OPC used in Greenhouse Gas Reduction Project

+OPC Used to Connect to Koyo PLC in Home Automation Project

+Oracle uses MatrikonOPC to unify control systems and improve data analysis capabilities

+Paper Mill uses OPC to enable Open Architecture Solution for Recovery Boiler Operator Console

+PDO Uses MatrikonOPC to Connect Field Devices to Multi-Vendor Applications

+Petro-Canada Reduces On-Going Costs, Training and Maintenance Resources

+Petrochemical Plant Integrates OPC to Connect Triconex and Honeywell TDC3000 to Vista-Controls Process Control Software

+Petrochemical Plant Replaces Legacy Equipment and Integrates MatrikonOPC to Connect Honeywell TDC3000 with Tricon and Modbus PLC

+Petrochemical Plant Uses MatrikonOPC to connect Multiple Intellution iFIX Nodes to a Honeywell PHD Process Historian

+Queensland Nickel relies on OPC in safe Burner Management System

+Real-time Shopfloor Integration with Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center using MatrikonOPC (Performance Testing) (198KB, PDF)

+Refinery Increases Productivity Connecting Condition Monitoring System, Trendmaster, to Honeywell PHD using MatrikonOPC

+RWE nPower - Reliable access to data avoids costly downtime (268, PDF)

+Santee Cooper Automates Processes to Gain Step Change in Efficiency (397KB, PDF)

+Santos Standardized on Matrikon's OPC Connectivity Suite

+ScadaOne Uses MatrikonOPC to Connect SCADA Devices to ODBC Compliant SCADA System

+Schwedischer Möbelfabrikant Swedwood verbessert Prozesse und realisiert universelle Kommunikationsanbindung mit MatrikonOPC-Lösungen (2.5MB, PDF)

+Shanghai Petrochemical Simplifies Data Acquisition Using MatrikonOPC Servers (1.19MB, PDF)

+Shanghai Petrochemical vereinfacht Datenerfassung mit Hilfe von OPC-Servern von MatrikonOPC (Deutsch) (868KB, PDF)

+Sibur-Tumen Uses OPC Redundancy in Critical Plant Application

+Siemens Building Automation Integrates Matrikon OPC Server

+Solutia R&D Powered by OPC (1185KB, PDF)

+Stretch Island Fruit Plant Expansion Standardizes on MatrikonOPC as Primary Connectivity Method

+Svedala implements the Matrikon OPC Server for Foxboro I/A

+Sydel Integrates Matrikon OPC to Connect Custom PLC to Multi-Vendor Applications

+Tecsult Integrates Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Control with MatrikonOPC (277kb, PDF)

+Umeå Energi implements the OPC Server for ABB GCOM

+University of Connecticut Department of Chemical Engineering uses Matrikon OPC to Simplify Simulated Process Control System




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