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Download: Husky Builds Flexible Network with Standards Based OPC

Providing Turn-Key Solutions for Plant and Equipment Monitoring

Husky Injection Molding Systems is a leading supplier of injection molding equipment and services to the plastics industry. Many companies use Husky’s equipment to create a wide variety of plastic products for the food and beverage, medical, automotive and consumer electronics markets.

Throughout its 50-plus years of experience in the industry, Husky introduced new generations of injection molding equipment to deliver improved performance and functionality. A new generation would often include a new controller platform
Husky H120
Figure 1 - Husky H120
with different protocols. Customers were required to create new communications drivers between the new Husky controller and their existing control and monitoring applications. This was time-consuming and expensive for customers who relied on third-party vendors to create the interfaces. Another downside was that end-users were locked into that vendor’s software solutions. Without the resources or expertise to write their own drivers, they could not change their monitoring software without losing their connectivity to the Husky equipment, and so were limited to the solution the vendor could offer.

Husky Eases Integration Efforts
Customers found connecting additional Husky equipment with new controllers, to their existing control and monitoring applications increasingly complex and expensive. Carlos Sanchez stated, “Our cust

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