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Download: Oracle uses MatrikonOPC to unify control systems and improve data analysis capabilities

"MatrikonOPC products have exceeded my expectations"
Randall Wofford, Chief Data Center Engineer, Oracle Corporation

Oracle Headquarters As part of an equipment expansion project, Oracle was looking to streamline building operations, and improve engineer decision making capabilities. MatrikonOPC provided the solution.

"Our challenge was to bring our Electrical and HVAC controls systems together into one system, without losing existing functionality, while providing historical and trending data", said Randall Wofford, Chief Data Center Engineer at Oracle Corporation

"Before we installed the MatrikonOPC solution, we were not able to view both systems from a client desktop", he added. "Afterwards, all the data was available to be integrated as a single view for any desktop user".

Oracle used the OPC Server for SCADA Modbus to provide the connectivity to the HVAC and Electrical systems. The SCADA server is designed to communicate to remote devices where connection bandwidth and reliability are poor, and response times from devices can be slow.

In addition to bringing the two systems together, a second important requirement was to bring historical data to each users desktop for viewing, reporting and trending. MatrikonOPC Desktop Historian was used to provide this functionality.

"OPC Desktop Historian enables us to collect process data without incurring the costs or technical difficulties associated with enterprise-wide historians", added Wofford. "Individual departments can determine what data to collect, at whatever frequency is required, that best suits their needs."

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