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Download: Integrating Live Production Data with Business Applications

Integrating Live Production Data with Business Applications

Propal benefits from quick, reliable and secure access to high quality data using standards-based connectivity.

Propal Paper Production in Valle del Cauca, Colombia recently upgraded their plants as part of a strategy to enhance profitability, stay competitive and maximize their Return on Investment (ROI) in the demanding paper market. They used "standards-based OPC industrial connectivity" to provide a complete off-the-shelf solution to give them quick, reliable and secure access to highly accurate data.

Prior to upgrading, limited data was available from four paper machines during and immediately after the production of each reel of paper. The data that was available was stamped on the end of each reel, and never stored electronically. Limited access to the existing data impeded Propal’s operating capacity and their ability to make timely and efficient decisions at the business level. Without instant access to the data from every reel, Propal’s ability to minimize cull and improve quality to meet customer requirements was disadvantaged.
Figure 1 - Propal, Off Machine Coater

Their ability to plan, schedule, manage inventory and accurately determine operating costs was hindered by a lack of data. These deficits made staying competitive in a challenging market and improving overall business performance very difficult.

To optimize their upgrades and eliminate these deficits Propal needed to interface their ABB AC450 Quality Control Systems (QCS) with their new Manufacturing Execution System (MES). This interfac

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