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Download: Calmetrics Integrates MatrikonOPC to Provide Connectivity in Hydroelectric Project

"Matrikon’s technical support is exceptional. The staff at Matrikon is extremely helpful and took a lot of interest to make sure I was happy with their product."
Paul Fallgren,
Senior Control Specialist at Calmetrics

As part of the conditions for licensing of their hydroelectric project, the El Dorado Irrigation District (EID) in California was instructed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to broadcast water levels for the lakes and streams that were part of the district. EID retained Calmetrics Company to develop a solution to obtain water level data from lakes and transfer it to a SQL database. From there the data would then be displayed on a webpage for the public to access and view.

Paul Fallgren, Senior Control Specialist at Calmetrics, chose Matrikon’s OPC Server for Wonderware InTouch to provide the connectivity portion of the solution. Twenty data points are polled hourly and served up to a SQL database via FactorySQL, Calmetrics own software utility. A web application would then access the SQL database and display the data on webpages.

The integration was successful. The public can now log onto the EID’s webpage and see current data on the levels of the districts many lakes and streams, updated hourly. View the data by clicking here.

OPC is a published connectivity standard that provides a consistent method of communicating between devices, or data sources, and applications. As a result, OPC enables Calmetrics’ FactorySQL utility to communicate with any PLC, or other data source, via an OPC server.

"Matrikon’s technical support is exceptional," Fallgren says. "The staff at Matrikon is extremely helpful and took a lot of interest to make sure I was happy with their product."

Calmetrics Company is a Sacramento-based integrator that designs and implements highly maintainable, user-friendly and efficient controls systems to increase production efficiency, improve product quality while lowering unit costs.

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