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Download: GIA Implements Matrikon OPC Server for ABB GCOM

At the headquarters of a health care and chemicals group in Leverkusen, Germany, the need arose to upgrade the environmental control and security services system. The plant manager was interested in replacing the outdated HMI (Human Machine Interface) on their existing ABB MasterPiece DCS because the HMI was unable to properly support numerous network clients.

In September 2000, GIA ( was enlisted to provide the hardware, software, and engineering required to upgrade the customer's control system to the new Siemens-ORSI's Cube HMI software.

The ABB MasterPiece DCS included the DSCS150 card, and able to use the GCOM protocol. Encouraged by an endorsement of Matrikon by Siemens-ORSI, GIA installed Matrikon's OPC Server for ABB GCOM. Since Cube is OPC compliant, the OPC connection enabled the HMI to provide a graphical view of every data point, and make it accessible by all authorized personnel within the company.

"We are extremely pleased with the performance of Matrikon’s OPC Server, and we appreciate the support we received from their personnel during the integration process," said Ralf Naseband, Senior Engineer and owner of GIA, a company of 80 employees.
Ralf Naseband of GIA

At present, the Matrikon OPC Server for ABB GCOM reads from approximately 1,000 points and writes to roughly 400 points. The update frequency is on request, but averages to once every 20 seconds. GIA is pleased with how well suited Matrikon's software was to their solution, and thankful for the support Matrikon provided during and after integration. The OPC Server has been ru

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