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SNMP Agent for OPC


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Seamlessly integrate any OPC-enabled system with your existing Network Management System.

The MatrikonOPC SNMP Agent for OPC provides Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) enabled applications with seamless access to real-time data.  This product links all available data from devices and applications that have OPC connectivity.  Using the MatrikonOPC SNMP Agent for OPC simplifies integrating diverse, non-SNMP enabled, data sources - such as process control systems or building automation systems - into Network Management Systems (NMS) like IBM Tivoli , Solarwinds, Castlerock, HP OpenView, Aprisma Spectrum, and Micromuse Netcool.

As with all MatrikonOPC software, the MatrikonOPC SNMP Agent for OPC is an out-of-the-box solution, which behaves as an OPC Client (master) when communicating with OPC Servers (slaves).  This allows users the freedom to choose  the  control systems  to read-from or write-to without worrying about how the data is converted from SNMP to the device specific protocol.  

Unlike other SNMP Agents which require custom code and services to install and operate, the MatrikonOPC Agent for SNMP is an out-of-the-box solution which can be easily used by IT professionals who need to integrate Process Control data into a Network Management System  (NMS).  Leveraging proven MatrikonOPC technology, this OPC Agent is fully OPC Standards compliant, and is fully interoperable with other vendors OPC software.  Due to it's robust framework, this OPC Client can also be effectively integrated in the construction of "Green Data Centers" to leverage advanced data flows.

The easy to use configuration utility makes short work of accessing OPC data points, setting conditional thresholds for acceptable performance monitoring. The utility automatically organizes the defined OPC configuration into an easily accessible SNMP hierarchy and instantly provides SNMP access to Network Management Systems. Additionally, future configuration changes can be made without interference on the existing data transfer.

This enables the MatrikonOPC SNMP Agent to easily integrate with OPC-based automation systems within network or Enterprise management environments, building and process automation systems.
Typical Users of the MatrikonOPC Agent for SNMP:
  • IT Professionals
  • Process Control Engineers
  • Systems Integrators
  • Telemetry SCADA Systems users
Trying to get SNMP data into your HMI or historian?  


SNMP Agent for OPC

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