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Below you will find a listing of MatrikonOPC’s RSS feeds. These feeds contain the latest information and news from the world of process control and OPC. View these feeds with the free MatrikonOPC NewsReader, or any news reader program.

  Subscribe to the OPC News Feed    OPC News Feed
  Get the latest OPC news and announcements, including alerts for upcoming product releases, software updates, web events, workshop and more.

  Subscribe to the OPC Exchange Blog Feed    OPC Exchange Blog
  Be both informed and entertained by OPC expert, Eric Murphy. Eric has been a part of the OPC community since its early beginnings and has seen OPC grow in the connectivity standard it is today. Eric is often featured as a keynote presenter at a variety of OPC events.

How To Subscribe
Simply right-click on the RSS icon RSS Icon, select "Copy Shortcut" or "Copy Link" and paste the link into your favorite news reader, such as the free MatrikonOPC NewsReader.

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MatrikonOPC NewsReader 1.0 is for online users who want a simply and quick way of keeping up to date with their favorite websites, blogs and podcasts. Install our FREE NewsReader and stay on top of the latest OPC technology news and your favorite online content as it is delivered right to your desktop. Get the MatrikonOPC NewsReader.

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