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MatrikonOPC NewsReader

News, Headlines & Blog Postings - Right to Your Desktop!

MatrikonOPC NewsReader 1.0 is for online users who want a simpler and quicker way of keeping up to date with their favorite websites, blogs and podcasts. Install our FREE NewsReader and stay on top of the latest OPC technology news and your favorite online content as it is delivered right to your desktop. Think of it as a distributable "What's New" from any website, blog or podcast.

Unlike other no cost or fee based feed readers, MatrikonOPC NewsReader 1.0 is simple to use, feature rich and powerful. The intuitive interface also allows for complete personalization, so you can view and organize content in a way that suits you best.

MatrikonOPC NewsReader 1.0
MatrikonOPC NewsReader 1.0

NewsReader 1.0 Benefits

  • Read and listen more – search less.
  • Up to date information is delivered right to your desktop.
  • Never miss the latest OPC technology developments.
  • Content is subscribed to or unsubscribed from, easily and quickly at any time.
  • Organize and view content the way you wish.
  • The small file size does not consume valuable computer resources.
  • Fully featured and absolutely FREE.

  • Get the NewsReader Manual:
    MatrikonOPC NewsReader 1.0

    Add RSS Content from Virtually any Website
    MatrikonOPC NewsReader 1.0 is also known as a feed reader or RSS aggregator. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) uses a simple XML format that allows online publishers to share their content quickly and directly with the end user.

    NewsReader will check your list of subscriptions (feeds) on your behalf and it will display any updated content it finds. To simplify the subscription process, websites will identify subscriptions (feeds) with the word “Subscribe”, or alternatively with the following graphics:



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