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LonWorks OPC Server


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The LonWorks OPC Server from Matrikon provides secure and reliable real-time data access to all devices and routers on any LonWorks network. This LonWorks OPC Server securely communicates Lontalk protocol to LonWorks network to grant you a full control over the Building Management System.

For building automation professionals integrating LonWorks networks with HMI's and historians, this OPC Server enables fast and easy access to their data. Unlike other LonWorks OPC interfaces, the Matrikon OPC Server for LonWorks can grant and deny access to tags based on user login and also auto-discovers devices and tags, making it instantly deployable.

The Matrikon OPC Server for LonWorks supports the following features and operations:
  • Auto device discovery (including LonWorks devices and routers).
  • OPC Security - configure users to have read-only tag access.
  • No tag configuration necessary (automatic).
  • Support for Lontalk protocol.
  • Uses proven LNS technology to communicate to devices.
  • Competitive system expansion.
  • Elimination of the fear of being “Locked In” to a single vendor.
The Matrikon LonWorks OPC Server automatically generates the server's configuration to make it easy for you to control and monitor your:
    Lighting control (switching; dimming; “mood lighting”)
  • Shading control (shutters; blinds)
  • Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (individual room temperature control; control of radiators, terminal units, boilers, coolers, fans, …)
  • Access & security (presence detection; burglary and fire detection and alarm; presence simulation; panic switch)
  • Energy management (consumption metering; load shedding; …).
  • Comfort functions and intelligent control across all applications (central user control; combined scenario’s; intelligent process control; …)
  • Interfacing to complementary or peripheral systems (white goods; supervision consoles; facility management; dedicated security systems; audio; multimedia; services; …)
  • ... and more!
The LonWorks OPC Server is a powerful tool that enables a secure access to your building automation systems and opens new connectivity horizons to other vendors. If security and reliability are important for your Building Automation System, then LonWorks OPC Server from Matrikon is what you need. Take action now!


LonWorks OPC Server

Matrikon's Industrial Strength Guarantee
Here at Matrikon, we stand behind our products. Included in your purchase price is all software updates, 24/7 access to Matrikon’s world-class support from our highly trained professionals around the globe and more for 1 year. We'll support you or your money back!
Do you require multiple protocol support in one single OPC Server? Learn more about the MatrikonOPC Universal Connectivity Server.

LonWorks OPC Server is OPC Certified! The LonWorks OPC Server is OPC Certified!
OPC Certification is the process of ensuring that applications meet the standards specified by the OPC Foundation. OPC Certification requires extensive testing to ensure true interoperability. OPC Certification means multi-vendor system interoperability is guaranteed. If your OPC products are not certified, you need to ask your vendor what sort of guarantees they offer.



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