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Remote Data Connectivity: Telemetry:

Effortlessly connect to multiple devices or protocols, and achieve secure and reliable data flow, right out-of-the box.

From pumping stations and wind farms to mines and water facilities, when your data connectivity needs take you beyond the plant environment to some of the harshest, most remote regions on earth, trust Matrikon SCADA class data connectivity solutions to deliver the security, reliability, and scalability needed to address telemetry centric challenges like:

  • unreliable network connectivity
  • high latency, low bandwidth communications
  • intelligent round-robin polling using automatic multi-path modem-bank scheduling
  • support for thousands of devices
  • at source data capture and guaranteed data centralization
  • many more…

Use the following Matrikon SCADA class OPC connectors and applications to quickly and reliably implement the data telemetry solution you need.

MatrikonOPC Telemetry SCADA Servers

Why Choose MatrikonOPC Telemetry SCADA Suite
MatrikonOPC Telemetry SCADA technology is built to be industrial strength and easy to use. Our philosophy on Telemetry SCADA communications is that any product produced by MatrikonOPC must have the ability to deal with extreme communications environments.

Typical extreme environments would be:

  1. Areas of low bandwidth
  2. Excessive noise
  3. Architectures with a large device count

Our MatrikonOPC Telemetry SCADA OPC Servers are built to easily adapt to the above environments, but also to leverage the OPC connectivity of other MatrikonOPC products. Adding OPC security with Matrikon OPC Tunneller, or store and forward historization of data with MatrikonOPC Buffer is easy and cost effective.

MatrikonOPC Telemetry SCADA products are currently used in Oil & Gas architectures around the globe because of their reliability and ease of integration into existing systems.

We invite you to check out our Case Studies section of our website and read about some of our global success stories that involve our Telemetry SCADA suite of products.

The MatrikonOPC Advantage
MatrikonOPC, the leaders in OPC technology provide significant value to the manufacturing space. The customers of MatrikonOPC rely on MatrikonOPC because MatrikonOPC:

  • Plays a key role in the OPC foundation
  • Have expertise in OPC technology training
  • Have OPC expertise deployed in all parts of the world
  • Have a breadth of OPC device connectivity
  • Serves as a focal point for all aspects of OPC connectivity
  • Works with all vendors to achieve true interoperability
  • Lead in technology innovation
  • Is hardware agnostic
  • Global Presence
    With 18 offices globally, MatrikonOPC is always where the customers are. MatrikonOPC is known in all parts of the world as The OPC Experts. Having a global presence enables MatrikonOPC to react quickly to customer problems in the customer’s time zone. MatrikonOPC is the only company in the world with a depth of engineering knowledge and the expertise in designing and implementing advanced OPC-centric data architectures anywhere in the world.

    Telemetry SCADA Security
    Security is always paramount when dealing with Telemetry SCADA systems. MatrikonOPC provides a unique offering to equip Telemetry SCADA networks with total OPC data security. Matrikon OPC Tunneller 3.0 with data encryption and compression, can be easily added to any network to provide instant secure communications.

    MatrikonOPC Funnel can also be added to the above architecture to easily connect to multiple OPC Servers. This would be ideal in situations where an OPC Client can only make a single connections to a data source. MatrikonOPC Funnel would then feed this connection into Matrikon OPC Tunneller to provide an added layer of security.

    Further learning about how MatrikonOPC off-the-shelf products can be utilized to provide secure Telemetry SCADA architectures can be found in our free white paper: Creating Secure OPC Architectures.

    Never a follower, always in the driver’s seat, MatrikonOPC has been on the forefront of technology innovation. 40% of revenue from MatrikonOPC is put back into research and development. MatrikonOPC focuses on delivering technology that solves today’s problems today. Some innovations:

  • The first company to create OPC redundancy
  • Invented OPC Tunnelling
  • First to develop OPC guaranteed delivery
  • First company to implement shop floor to the top floor connectivity
  • World’s first and most installed OPC DA client application
  • World’s first non Window’s OPC connectivity
  • World’s first real-time server to server application
  • World’s first (and only) historical data server to server applications
  • World’s first commercially available A&E server
  • Industrial Strength Data Connectivity through Quality and Support
    At MatrikonOPC we take our promise of providing users with reliable OPC technology extremely seriously. We have constructed some of the strictest Quality Assurance standards on the market today. Their mission is to eliminate troublesome issues so that users will have a truly plug-and-play experience.



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