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OPC Server for Johnson Controls N2Open

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The JC N2 (Johnson Controls) OPC Server for integrating smaller Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) networks without NCM's, OPC Server for Johnson Controls N2 offers direct access to your N2 devices. This OPC Server removes the hassle of purchasing and programming an NCM to OPC-enable your Johnson Controls HVAC network. It speaks N2 over serial directly to the end devices.

This OPC server supports N2 DX devices. It can also dynamically communicate with multiple N2 devices on multiple N2 networks through serial (RS232/RS485).

Features and Benefits:
  • Supports all data points within the N2 device.
  • Supports N2 DX devices.
  • Supports VMA N2 devices.
  • N2 DX DMO file parsing is available.
  • Import JC DX DDL files from HVAC
  • Easily access N2 DX PLC digital input values in the DIS virtual module.
  • Create device items easily by loading N2 (*.DDL) device configuration file.
  • Support for multiple N2 networks.
  • Network status module is supported.
  • Enables direct communication with N2 network (NCM not required).
  • Support for Serial to Ethernet converters such as the MOXA NPORT 5130 device server; enabling you to extend your N2 network across Ethernet.
  • Auto-discovery for all connected N2 devices.
  • Minimum user interaction required for configuration
  • Auto configuration.
  • Right out of the box usage (easy to use).
  • Advanced tag calculations.
  • OPC Security.
  • Offline mode (simulated data mode).
Need to connect to your NCM using N1?
Use our OPC Server for Johnson Controls N1.

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OPC Server for Johnson Controls N2Open

OPC Server for Johnson Controls N2Open is OPC Certified! The OPC Server for Johnson Controls N2Open is OPC Certified!
OPC Certification is the process of ensuring that applications meet the standards specified by the OPC Foundation. OPC Certification requires extensive testing to ensure true interoperability. OPC Certification means multi-vendor system interoperability is guaranteed. If your OPC products are not certified, you need to ask your vendor what sort of guarantees they offer.



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