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The OPC Server for E-DAS (HOSE) is used for Data Acquisition and Handling System (DAHS). The OPC Server connects E-DAS Expert and E-DAS EMR software packages to any OPC compliant client application. Functional capabilities include:
  • Read/write data access (with write protection capability)
  • Synchronous / Asynchronous data transfer
  • Communication with any OPC DA/HDA compliant client
  • ODBC interface through OPC-ODBC Client Module, for transfer to Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, etc.
  • Historical data capability to manage data changes due to editing, data substitution, fuel analysis, or other retroactive actions that affect historical data values
  • Remote control of status points and calibration control sequences
  • Multiple E-DAS servers can communicate to a single OPC Client, and E-DAS servers can link to multiple OPC clients
This interface can be used to build corporate-level allowance tracking applications, data interchange with any OPC DA/HDA compliant DCS or historian, and remote dashboard controls for CEM networks from enterprise-level to plant level.



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