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Unsupported Products Notification

Dear Valued Customer,
Please note that Matrikon no longer provides software or security updates, or technical support, for the following Matrikon products:

MTKOPC-S1890OPC Server for Siemens Wind Turbines
MTKOPC-AP1000Alarms and Events Server for Real Time Data
MTKOPC-S1200OPC Server for DDE
MTKOPC-S1210OPC Server for eDAS [HOSE]
MTKOPC-AP1010OPC Alarm and Events Archiver
MTKOPC-S1160OPC Server for Caching
MTKOPC-S1000OPC Server for @aGlance
MTKOPC-S1020OPC Server for ABB IMS [Advant]
MTKOPC-S1620-DP005-600OPC Server for SCADA ICCP
MTKOPC-S1330OPC Server for Husky Host
MTKOPC-S1030OPC Server for GCOM
MTKOPC-S1550OPC Server for Powerlogic SMS
MTKOPC-S1240OPC Server for FIX/iFIX
MTKOPC-AP1480OPC Client for Fix/iFix
MTKOPC-S1895OPC Server for Windows Performance Monitor (Task Manager)
MTKOPC-S1880OPC Server for Siemens TI5
MTKOPC-S1785OPC Server for OpenVMS Global Memory Segments
MTKOPC-S1010OPC Server for ABB Enterprise Historian
MTKOPC-S1170OPC Server for Cimplicity
MTKOPC-S1220OPC Server for eDNA
MTKOPC-S1930OPC Server for Honeywell TPS
MTKOPC-S1840OPC Server for Mitsubishi C-NET
MTKOPC-S1580OPC Server for RS3 SCI
MTKOPC-S1640-DP010-600OPC Server for SCADA Lufkin
MTKOPC-S1050OPC Server for ABB UN5000
MTKOPC-S1370OPC Server for Digilink
MTKOPC-S1230OPC Server for Eurotherm
MTKOPC-S1410OPC Server for Measure-X
MTKOPC-S1480OPC Server for Netpac
MTKOPC-S1500-DP005OPC Server for NTCIP DMS
MTKOPC-S1600OPC Server for SCADA Baker CAC
MTKOPC-S1760OPC Server for Valmet CQ120
MTKOPC-S1150OPC Server for Bailey SEMAPI

Be advised that you [customer] may want to take alternative security measures in light of the fact that such products will no longer be updated/supported.

Please contact your Matrikon account manager or channel partner for more information regarding this notice. Thank you for choosing Matrikon as your connectivity supplier.



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