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WS4.0 - OPC Classic and UA Overview and Concepts

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This two-day workshop covers the evolution of data connectivity from proprietary data connectivity and custom protocol translation to the latest in OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) data interoperability. The workshop  provides an overview of the OPC Specifications and common use cases for applications that implement them. Participants will gain an understanding of:
-          the communication fundamentals related to OPC client and server based architectures;
-          the principles of data connectivity to the end devices which are the building blocks of a modern industrial process control system;
-          the basic functionality of OPC based applications and the underlying technology behind OPC UA and OPC Classic.

This workshop is delivered in a series of presentations interspersed with practical exercises to demonstrate and reinforce the concepts presented.

Completion of this workshop provides the participant with a solid understanding of the following;
  • The evolution of OPC and the usage requirements that drove the development of the OPC Specifications and the applications they define
  • The basic functionality of OPC applications
  • How the Microsoft Component Object Model is used in OPC Classic applications
  • How the OPC Classic specifications define communication between client and server applications, including the roles supported by each of these applications
  • The OPC Classic specifications, DA, HDA, and A&E, and how they define access to the data structures supported by each
  • The basics of security in OPC Classic
  • The OPC UA specification structure
  • How the OPC UA applications provide standardized communications and access to data, including secure communications and information modeling

Target Audience:
CIO, Control and Application Engineers, Developers, Integrators, Managers, Operations Managers, Plant Floor Operators, Plant Managers

Learning Environment:
This workshop is made up of lectures, PowerPoint presentations and hands-on exercises. It is run in an open and friendly environment that encourages discussion and participation. Students are welcome to discuss current connectivity issues they are faced with and learn from one another.


Day 1 Modules

  • Data Connectivity Challenge Overview
  • First Generation OPC: OPC Classic
  • The OPC Classic Specification for Data Access (OPC DA)
  • The OPC Classic Specification for Historical Data Access (OPC HDA)
  • The OPC Classic Specification for Alarms & Events (OPC A&E)
  • Security in OPC Classic
  • Moving Beyond OPC Classic in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Era

Day 2 Modules

  • The OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) Specification
  • Information Modelling
  • OPC UA Client/Server Interaction
  • Security in OPC UA
  • Conformance and Compliance
  • OPC UA Applications in the Industrial Space




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