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Download: OPC Classic and OPC UA Overview & Concepts - Syllabus

OPC-OPCUA Workshop 40 Syllabus

OPC Unified Architecture extends the highly successful OPC communication protocol, enabling data acquisition and information modeling and communication between the plant floor and the enterprise reliably and securely.

This workshop provides managers, process control engineers, and operators with a solid background around the basics of OPC UA and OPC Classic; the specifications, the applications, and their use cases. OPC technology is used in a wide variety of industries such as oil & gas extraction and refining, mining; pharmaceutical, food processing, discrete manufacturing, building automation, and more. Professionals working either directly or in support of the process control environment will benefit from this course.

Become an OPC expert in only 24 hours, and get ready for IoT today!

Participants will gain an understanding of:

  • The communication fundamentals related to OPC client and server-based architectures
  • The principles of data connectivity to the end devices which are the building blocks of a modern industrial process control system
  • The underlying technology behind OPC UA and OPC Classic and how to switch

  • Learn more about this workshop and download this syllabus>

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