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OPC Development

Delivering not only quality software solutions to our customers, but providing true value to ensure expectations are exceeded.

Since our applications are sold around the world, either by vendors or directly by Matrikon, we have developed a comprehensive set of standards and tools to ensure that our interfaces are:

  • Easy to use
  • Robust
  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Maintainable
  • Complete with error checking and recovery procedures

  • At Matrikon, we focus on developing strong long-term relationships with our clients. To that end, we make it a priority to become familiar with both the business and technical requirements of our clients. This enables us to provide innovative services and solutions to enhance the technology direction selected by our clients within the framework they have in place today.

    Finally, we understand that support and service are the key requirements for our clients - we understand that plants can't shut down to wait for technical support and service. Therefore, your emergencies become our emergencies. We will ensure that two or more of our software consultants are familiar with your applications so that we can provide technical support, telephone or on-site support, as a single source, where and when you need it.

    Please use the links below to view more information about:

    Matrikon Software Development Programming Tools
    Drivers are developed using the most common development environments available.

    System Requirements
    Drivers have been developed for a wide range of operating systems.

    Quality Assurance
    Quality assurance and verification will be done with Matrikon's QA (Quality Assurance) Tracker. All testing procedures and outcomes shall be stored in QA Tracker, and the results shall be directly available to you at all times.

    For each application developed at Matrikon, two levels of testing are performed before releasing the application for Factory Acceptance Testing at a client site. Different individuals - the software developer(s) and the assigned QA engineer, perform the two levels of testing. Each develops an independent set of test procedures and methods - the software developer bases the test on the functional design, while the QA engineer bases the test on the functional and performance requirements.

    These lists are then entered into Matrikon QA Tracker application, which is based on the ISO 9000 requirements. The QA Tracker is a database program which maintains an Audit Trail of the entire test procedures performed on the new application and their results.

    Once the development is complete, the software engineer is required to perform the first set of tests and the results are stored in QA Tracker. On successful completion, the QA engineer performs the second set of tests and the results are also logged in QA Tracker.

    As errors and deficiencies are encountered, they are logged in QA Tracker, and, after all the tests have been performed, the software engineer is required to fix all the deficiencies. The QA engineer is then required to redo all the tests. This ISO9001 based CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) cycle is repeated until a complete test iteration is performed successfully i.e. without encountering a single deficiency. The application is then deemed ready for Factory Acceptance Testing in the presence of the client.

    Error Logging and Tracking
    All applications developed at Matrikon include extensive error checking, error reporting, and error recovery procedures. All return codes and statuses are checked and logged to a self-maintaining error log file. For all possible error situations, the application will have error recovery and fail-over options.

    Matrikon logging library provides extensive run-time operation logging facilities. The logging facilities provides the following capabilities:

    • Multiple detail levels: off, low, medium and high. Levels may be changed (on-line) while the application is running.
    • A forced write option, when enabled, commits all data to the hard-drive after each write.
    • A screen logging option that will echo the logging to screen.
    • A self-maintaining logging file - a circular list of messages to prevent resource misuse.
    • All log statements include date/time stamp as well as location sensitive information.

    Memory Allocation and Control
    The key to a successful application is the control of memory allocation. Matrikon has developed superior methodology to track, manage and control all memory allocation. This methodology ensures that memory allocated is verified before use and that allocated memory is freed to optimize performance.

    Component Based Development
    Due to the large number of applications developed at Matrikon, all development is done based on components and utilities.

    There will be a number of pre-built components that will be used in this project, such as the report configuration, monitoring utility, etc.

    The benefits of Matrikon's component-based development approach are:

    • Reduction of development time
    • Increased reliability and robustness of the application
    • Reduction in required testing (as the individual components have already been tested)
    • Increased application maintainability

    Source Code Version Control
    Matrikon uses Microsoft Visual Source Safe for source control and maintenance.

    Matrikon Software Development

    The success of Matrikon can be attributed to the following:
    • We are a dynamic, flexible organization with the skills and capabilities to respond effectively to changes in the industry and specifically in process control technology.
    • Highly motivated, and constantly seeking new opportunities in the marketplace.
    • A high technology company that provides innovative solutions, quality engineering and service that is second to none in our industry.
    • The focus of the company is in developing strong long-term relationships with our clients. To that extent we make it a priority to become familiar with the system architectures, standards, procedures and methodologies used by our clients. This enables Matrikon to provide innovative services and solutions to enhance the technology direction selected by our clients within the framework they have in place today.

    Software Development

    Enterprise Wide Solutions, a department within Matrikon, has over 40 software engineers dedicated exclusively to developing real-time interfaces and software applications. In addition to real-time interfaces, Matrikon has been awarded major software projects aimed at developing applications to seamlessly access, view and analyze process information.

    The best reference for the software development group is the impressive list of clients we serve, a list that includes all the major vendors and suppliers of software and systems in the process control world.

    References for these clients are available upon request.

    Process Control Software and Hardware Expertise
    Matrikon also provides consulting services in process control and automation and process information systems. We have access to the necessary hardware equipment, software applications and systems. As well, we have the insight, from a process control engineer's point of view, of the key requirements, functionality and features to be included in real-time drivers and interfaces.



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