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Matrikon® OPC EdgeCalc: Condition Manager

Easy OPC Edge Analytics: connect, analyze, control.

Version 1.5.0


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With more process and diagnostic data available than ever, Matrikon OPC EdgeCalc addresses the need for an industrial analytics tool that allows engineers, system integrators, and other control automation professionals to easily and reliably work with all their 3rd-party data sources to perform math calculations, logic evaluations, and to put the results to immediate use in the control system and throughout the enterprise.

Pragmatic Edge Computing for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

For those implementing an IIoT strategy, OPC EdgeCalc fills the need for a budget-friendly, industrial analytics tool that makes it possible to extract value from 3rd-Party classic OPC and new OPC UA sources via powerful yet easy to use analytics, feed the results back into the system in real-time and/or expose the value-added results to other applications in the enterprise or the cloud.

Key benefits of using Matrikon OPC EdgeCalc in edge computing applications include:

  • Cloud Hosting Cost Reduction: Edge analytics reduce data volume sent to the cloud.
  • High Responsiveness: supervisory control decisions are made in real-time at the source (Edge) without relying on round trip communications with the cloud.
  • High Reliability: key calculations and decisions are made at the edge.
  • Security & Scalability: Analytics can be deployed to multiple locations, changes can only be made by authorized users.
  • Maximize Infrastructure ROI: OPC EdgeCalc works with existing classic OPC and OPC UA data sources, allowing older applications to continue to work with new ones.

Condition Management

Engineers and system integrators often need a tool to quickly and easily develop and deploy a system that manages various conditions using data from their existing control and sensor assets. Matrikon OPC EdgeCalc is the right tool for the job. It continually evaluates inputs from all configured OPC data sources, feeds results back into the control system in real-time, and generates alarms and notifications as needed.

Matrikon® Condition Manager, the calculation engine used in OPC EdgeCalc, can be used in the field and on the plant-floor, it is the right tool for those looking to:

  • Access all real time and historical data from multiple classic OPC and OPC UA data sources.
  • Apply their domain expertise to automate evaluation of input condition data without coding.
  • Generate alarms, send notifications, and execute commands.
  • Standardize on a single condition management system for use throughout the enterprise.
  • And much more.

If security and reliability are important for your control system, then Matrikon Condition Manager is what you need. Start using Matrikon OPC EdgeCalc now!

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Matrikon OPC Condition Manager

Condition Manager enables users to put the results it generates to work via:

  • Live trends or further analysis in Excel
  • Direct feedback into the control system via OPC to best adjust to changing conditions
  • Automatic responses such as user notification via emails or running scripts
  • Archiving of input and output data via OPC Desktop Historian
  • And many more



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