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Matrikon OPC UA Explorer

Version 2.3

The user-friendly OPC UA client for working with 3rd party OPC UA Servers and managing Matrikon Data Broker.

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Matrikon OPC UA Explorer is a free OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) Client packed with easy testing and troubleshooting functionality for OPC UA servers. Unlike other OPC UA clients, Matrikon OPC UA Explorer is fast, easy to use, and is packed useful convenience functions.

Some stand out Matrikon OPC UA Explorer features include:

  • Quick and easy download and install
  • Provides uncluttered user experience yet offers a way to dig into more advanced data if desired
  • Preserves favorite and recent session information for easy selection and reconnection
  • Supports simultaneous OPC UA Server connections
  • Supports multiple Session views
  • Delivers snappy responsiveness even when working with hundreds of thousands of items
  • Supports OPC UA DA Reads and Writes
  • Lets you sort data based on each column (timestamp, published name, data type, etc.…)
  • Supports OPC UA Secure connectivity
  • and more…

Developed using the latest OPC UA standards and software development practices, Matrikon OPC UA Explorer runs through fast release cycles to maximize software quality and an ever-growing list of must-have user functions and improvements. Try it today! Download now.

Use Matrikon OPC UA Explorer to securely configurate and manage Matrikon Data Broker nodes. With support OPC UA Reverse Connect, UA Explorer can be used locally and remotely. Use UA Explorer to manage MDB functionality like:
  • OPC UA Server federation
  • MDB Reverse Connect
  • User configuration
  • And more..

Don’t have Matrikon Data Broker yet? Download now!

Download: Matrikon OPC UA Explorer Datasheet
Download: MatrikonOPC UA Explorer User Manual
Download: Matrikon OPC UA Explorer
Download: Matrikon OPC UA Explorer Linux Version
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