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Download: What is Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 and OPC UA - An Overview Presented with the OPC Foundation (Webcast)

The term “Internet of Things” (IoT) is rapidly growing in popularity as are terms like Industry 4.0, OPC UA, Industrial IoT (IoT), cloud computing, and a host of other buzz words. While each of these has its valid place when discussing the IoT and its uses – it is important for decision makers and automation professionals alike to have a clear understanding of the basic fundamentals about the IoT, the various technologies surrounding it, and how they will impact control automation and businesses in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

Attend this OPC Foundation webcast produced collaboratively with Matrikon to get a clear, high level overview of the IoT landscape both for vendors looking to adopt the IoT in their products and services and for professionals in companies that will use this technology to better compete today and in the future.

 Topics covered (with minimal jargon) in include:
  • A snapshot of where adoption of the IoT is at and where it is going
  • A concise explanation of what the IoT is and its building blocks 
  • Why the OPC Unified Architecture (UA) plays a key role in the IoT 
  • What Industry 4.0 is and why you should know about it
  • How the IoT relates to the ‘Cloud’
  • How the IoT is affecting Power Generation
  • And many more

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