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Matrikon Data Broker Adapters

Growing reliance on seamless, enterprise-wide OT data access is driving the convergence between business (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) networks. While a lot of data technology (DT) functionality is needed to effectively facilitate enterprise-wide access and use of OT data, the journey begins with open and secure OT data source connectivity - functionality Matrikon Data Broker Adapters (MDBAs) provide.

In an enterprise-wide MDB architecture, MDBAs serve as integration points between specific OT data source types the enterprise. Additionally, MDBAs provide a common method for making such native connections, which simplifies and standardizes how your architecture is built and maintained.

Transform your operations with MDBAs:

Simplify OT Data Connectivity and Integration

MDBAs provide direct connectivity to a growing list of OT data sources. Examples of OT data sources include Modbus,PROFINET, EthernetIP, and more. Spend less time troubleshooting OT data connectivity and more time putting that data to work to drive your business forward.

Make OT Data Operational

With MDBAs, your data is not just accessible; it is fully operational.

Part of the MDB enterprise solution, MDBAs give you access to advanced features like:

  • UA Reverse Connect for secure communications across firewalls
  • Dynamic Information modeling via UA Companion Specifications and mapping between all data sources
  • the ability to publish OT data to the cloud via the MQTT Publisher extension,
  • And more!
architecture Figure:Matrikon Data Broker Adapter (MDBA) Functionality
Use MDBAs to connect to and integrate OT data sources into a common, OPC UA-based framework built on MDB Data Technology (DT). More than just OPC UA drivers, MDBAs enable you to provide secure and sustainable enterprise-wide OT data access.

Build Future-Proof Infrastructure

As your business grows, so do the demands on your OT data infrastructure. MDBAs and MDB core Data Technology easily scale and extend to meet those needs, providing your company with long-term peace of mind for:

  • data volume growth,
  • IT and OT security standard changes,
  • new data context demands

For new OT data sources, you can use existing MDBAs or create new ones using the MDBA API. This adaptability ensures your data infrastructure is always ready for the next challenge.

Discover the MDBA difference: Choose the MDB adapter that fits your needs and download your MDBA today.

Embrace the future of Enterprise-wide industrial data connectivity with Matrikon.

Available MDB Adapters include:



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