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DDE Server for ABB semAPI

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The MatrikonOPC Server for ODBC supports both real-time and historical data access to any ODBC compliant database. Applications that require connectivity to databases can use this OPC Server to access real-time and historical process data that is archived by an online analyzer, laboratory personnel, etc. Key features include:
  • Support for ODBC compliant databases such as Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Rockwell RSSQL, Citect, Sybase etc.
  • Access to both real-time and historical data
  • Support for reading and writing
  • Connects to multiple databases simultaneously
  • Aggregates List: Average, Count, DurationBad, DurationGood, Interpolated, Maximum, MaximumActualTime, Minimum, MinimumActualTime, PercentBad, PercentGood, StandardDeviation, TimeAverage, Total, Variance, and more...

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Do you require multiple protocol support in one single OPC Server? Learn more about the Matrikon OPC Universal Connectivity Server.

DDE Server for ABB semAPI



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