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"I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I have been, as a partner and user, with the entire training process offered by MatrikonOPC. I recommend their training, as well as products and services, to colleagues and customers alike whenever the opportunity arises."
Joseph Cody. Data Integration Engineer. Novaspect, Inc.

“We are extremely pleased with the performance of MatrikonOPC’s Server, and we appreciate the support we received from their personnel during the integration process”
Ralf Naseband, Senior Engineer and owner of GIA

“We were completely impressed with the MatrikonOPC staff and their knowledge of the OPC specifications. MatrikonOPC was not only concerned with making it work to the specifications, but also sensitive to our needs for fast query response required from an industrial trending control. Throughout the implementation and testing phase, MatrikonOPC continued to work out small details until we were satisfied.”
Kevin Moran, Senior Staff Specialist Motiva Enterprises

“The installation and configuration was easy and straight forward. I am very impressed with this OPC server.”
Gerard Kamps, BELLT-GCA Project Leader

“We chose MatrikonOPC software because it is so easy to use compared to other industry offerings. The installation was fast and simple and our training in Edmonton was invaluable. The overall support received from MatrikonOPC was excellent.”
Rajkumar Manickavasagam, ATSCO Project Leader

“I would highly recommend MatrikonOPC software to anyone that requires Honeywell PHD data using the open OPC-HDA standard.”
Kevin Moran, Senior Staff Specialist Motiva Enterprises

"We selected MatrikonOPC's product because of its strict adherence to the OPC specifications. The support staff did an excellent job, so our experience with MatrikonOPC has been very positive, and our client has pursued additional business with us."
Scott Cloherty, Project Manager for TransAmerican Automation

“The installation was a cakewalk. MatrikonOPC's server for Foxboro I/A provided us with the stability and data throughput that we needed to properly implement OCS.”
Dr. Andre Vien, Research Engineer at Svedala Process Technology

“MatrikonOPC's server installed rather easily. Our alternatives were to either use DDE or to develop our own interface, but existing software greatly simplified the task and saved us a lot of system integration time”
Peter Salz, Project Manager at ITO

“We chose MatrikonOPC to help us develop this server because of their vast experience with a variety of OPC applications. The resulting server is very fast, reliable and robust”
John Walsh, Director of Distribution at Eurotherm

“My experience with MatrikonOPC has been great. The software works as advertised and technical support was helpful in answering my questions.”
Jim Urban, Applications Engineer with FeedForward

“During development, I was very pleased with the responsiveness, attention to detail, and quality work that MatrikonOPC provided”
Brent Huhta, Project Manager Graco

“I downloaded and tried your OPC Tunneller. In a couple of minutes I've been able to connect OPC client-server from two different machines both not supporting DCOM. Great and easy!”
Guido Cogliati, Customer Service at ServiTecno

“MatrikonOPC’s Server for DDE is very easy to use with no special OPC knowledge needed. I was up and running in less than 30 minutes.”
Oskar Bosch, Engineering Manager Metrology Products at MKS Instruments

“The MatrikonOPC Logging Delegator [ed. note: now called OPC Sniffer] is a powerful and easy tool to use. It is an excellent way to troubleshoot OPC communication”
Roman Plevnik, Applications Engineer or National Instruments

“MatrikonOPC products are the best OPC server solutions I have come across”
Colin Parnell, Software Developer at Trihedral Engineering Limited

“I know from experience that the quality of these tools is always excellent, and I regularly turn to a MatrikonOPC utility myself when I want to try out some facility of OPC.”
Mike Dillamore OPC Programmers’ Connection

“I needed something that was going to be easy to use so that our PlantScape students could see how relatively painless it is to set up OPC.”
Ian Young, Technical Education Center for Honeywell

“I am an Applications Engineer for a company in Texas. My purpose for downloading Simulation and Explorer software is that it is an extremely useful toll for diagnosing OPC communications, as well as for determining the proper nomenclature of individual tags. I use it all of the time and do recommend it to many of my customers if they have need of any OPC servers.”
Howard J. Weidknecht, Applications Engineer for Softwire!

“We’ve been selling our OPC servers since 1998. Through this work, we’ve been testing our OPC products using several OPC clients available on the Net including your OPC Explorer. The MatrikonOPC Explorer is one of the best test/diagnosis tolls. Thank you for your excellent product.”
Alexander Lokotov, Fastwel Inc.

“To ensure OPC interoperability I wanted to test the OPC server with as many clients as possible. I found that MatrikonOPC Explorer was the best tool for testing OPC interoperability. Thanks.”
Perry St-Germain, Isquared Software Ltd.

“I downloaded the MatrikonOPC Explorer a few weeks ago. What a great tool. It’s a great aid if you’re trying to configure or demo an OPC system.”
Kevin Dowell, GE Fanuc – CIMPLICITY

“The MatrikonOPC Server is an excellent way to gather data for plant optimization or plant reporting purposes. The installation was easy and straightforward, and the system worked as soon as we finished the installation.”
Tony Cantu, President of The Control Works Group

“When we have to suggest an OPC server to a customer of ours, we prefer it possible the MatrikonOPC products, because of their reliability and of the high quality of technical support.”
Giulia Piccioli, Orsi Group

“I really enjoyed the OPC workshop. MatrikonOPC did an excellent job presenting the material and I got a lot out of it.”
Mike Chauvin, Control Systems Engineer for Jacobs Engineering

“There is no doubt that I would recommend OPC Workshops to others. During the presentation, there was very good interaction with the audience. Everyone left the session with a better understanding of the OPC standards and how they can be used practically, including the one or two people that already had successful installations.”
Jonathan Hall, Process Systems Group for Novaspect Inc.

“ODM was very successful! OPC Data Manager is a powerful, easy to use, and very friendly tool with a lot of helpful options. Communication between OPC servers is quick and easy.”
Jorge Cano, Process Control Engineer with MetMex Peñoles

“The installation of the software was a piece of cake; I just followed the instructions. We are very pleased with the software.”
Piet Deen, Process Control Engineer at DSM Resins

“We selected the MatrikonOPC Server for ABB AC450 (using the GCOM protocol), because of its high throughput capabilities and the fact that it could connect to all three controllers simultaneously.”
Ulrik Jarno, Project Leader for Candeo

“OPC is great! MatrikonOPC’s products always work – every time – and are easy to install.”
Mike Hales, Engineering Manager for KnoweldgeScape

“My experience was extremely positive, better than with any other software vendor in the process industries.”
Dave Zimmer, Vice President of AspenTech

“MatrikonOPC's server for Foxboro I/A provided us with the stability and data throughput that we needed to properly implement OCS. OPC Products-Specific”
Dr. Andre Vien, Research Engineer at Svedala Process Technology

“MatrikonOPC has certainly become synonymous with OPC drivers as everywhere I go people seem to mention OPC and MatrikonOPC in the same breath.”
Jim Urban, Applications Engineer with FeedForward

“We have been extremely satisfied with MatrikonOPC's products. Their commitment to new product development, technical support, and the overall variety of MatrikonOPC products truly makes open connectivity very easy, regardless of the brand of DCS or PLC systems installed. The redundancy features that MatrikonOPC provides at the application and server level makes our system very bulletproof. I will not hesitate to use MatrikonOPC on my next OPC installation.”
Chris M. Gabriel Distributed Control Systems Specialist with Agrium Kenai Nitrogen Operations

“MatrikonOPC’s multimedia OPC tutorial is a very good & interesting presentation - indeed I have to say its one of the best online presentations that I've seen.”
Nigel Gibbins, Manager for Networking and Control at BOC Edwards

“MatrikonOPC’s OPC Multimedia Tutorial is easy to understand and one of the best presentations I have seen. Good job!”
Dr. Arne Manthey, Senior Consultant SCM Operations SAP Deutschland AG & Co. KG

“OPC Genie was the perfect answer. It’s an off-the-shelf solution that was easy to use - we were up and running in no time.”
Gary Camfield, Project Manager for FeedForward

“Right now, we’re transferring approximately 25 points through MatrikonOPC’s OPC Data Manager, and the system is getting larger — we’re adding two more 50-litre bioreactors this year. We’ve got our infrastructure set up already with OPC Data Manager – it’ll be a piece of cake. Once the bioreactors are in-house, we’ve just got to test it and get it going.”
Ron Martinez, Senior Automation Engineer with Amgen

“Overall the development and implementation went very well! Not only can we view the Applicon and the Centrifuge process data throughout the facility but the process data is also archived and trended in the Historian.”
Thuy Nguyen, Engineer with Amgen

“I am using your products for testing opc Servers/Clients together with the scada system FIX/iFIX and I'm very satisfied with your products. So far I haven't found anything I would have improved”
Hans Arve Arvesen, Novotek Sweden (Intellution Distributor)

“This is a big step forward for Celanese Acetate. Data storage and access to the Fisher-Rosemount DCSs used to be very limited. The OPC connection has revolutionized how we access and analyze data – we can generate environmental reports faster and more easily than we used to.”
David McSwain Senior Process Control Engineer for Celanese Acetate LLC

“I am excited to be able to offer our customers the ability to integrate OPC into their new and existing systems. I feel confident that our experience, combined with top-of-the-line OPC Servers from MatrikonOPC and backed by MatrikonOPC’s technical support, will allow us to offer the most solid, robust and scalable solutions possible to our customers.”
Barry Blight, Manager of Process Control Systems for Spartan Controls (Emerson Distributor)

“For this integration, it was critical that the servers operate continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With MatrikonOPC’s Redundancy Broker, there has been no system downtime and no data loss.”
Yuri Simakov, Chief of Industrial Automation Department with Sterling Group

“MatrikonOPC's online OPC tutorial is excellent, one of the most coherent dissertations on OPC that I have come across.”
Frank Ogden, Assistant Editor The Industrial Ethernet Book GGH Marketing Communications

“We chose MatrikonOPC because we were looking for a robust OPC server with modem support and other required features. We were especially pleased with the MatrikonOPC server's programmability. As a result the server we integrated is working perfectly.”
Aleksandar Dujmovic, Applications Engineer with ECCOS inzenjering

“ABB recommends MatrikonOPC solutions as reliable third party software. MatrikonOPC’s OPC Server for Modbus helped us solve the problem of establishing the connection, which was the most difficult part of the project”
Kolyo Stoilov, Automation System Manager with ABB

“The MatrikonOPC Server is doing well and has provided everything we need. The support we received from MatrikonOPC was always prompt and very helpful.”
René van Opstal, Project Manager with AllMons

“MatrikonOPC’s Data Manager is easy to procure, implement, operate and support, and there have been no problems with the product. The interface is very stable.”
Abdul Rashid Karyeo, Operations Manager with Andover Controls

“MatrikonOPC’s Tunneller software saved me a significant amount of time from having to devise my own work-around solution, and allowed me to spend the time on development of the OPC Client and experiment.”
Robert Rice, Lab for Intelligent Process Systems Department of Chemical Engineering University of Connecticut

“MatrikonOPC’s Server for Modbus has enabled us to connect our PLC to any OPC compliant client application and provided us with an easy to implement and reliable connection. We’re planning similar integrations with MatrikonOPC’s products in the future.”
Phillipe Le Sauze, Project Manager for Sydel

“MatrikonOPC’s product and their support were very good from the beginning to the end of the project. With MatrikonOPC’s support, we were able to integrate and complete the project in just two months.”
Emilio Dominguez, Project Manager for ABB

“MatrikonOPC’s Server for Modbus is easy to integrate and provides reliable, trouble-free performance under conditions like those our clients are likely to experience in their facilities.”
Stéphane Van Audenhaege, R&D Engineer for ABB Jumet

“OPC is so much more efficient than the current communication protocol being used. OPC enables more data to be displayed, and still polls well sites more frequently than with the current communication set-up.”
Bart Nelissen, Control Systems Specialist IMV Projects

“MatrikonOPC’s technical support is exceptional. The staff at MatrikonOPC is extremely helpful and took a lot of interest to make sure I was happy with their product.”
Paul Fallgren, Senior Control Specialist Calmetrics

“Great OPC workshop. I came in knowing nothing and left informed and excited about OPC as a way to connect my data.”
Brad Purdy, Process Control Engineer Nova Chemicals

“I was very happy with the MatrikonOPC Hands-on Workshop. The instructors were very knowledgeable and the practical exercises were very informative.”
Erik Bartsch, Engineer Falconbridge Ltd

“After experimenting with a few OPC servers, we chose to go with MatrikonOPC’s server because of the simple set-up and ease of use. We have not encountered any problems with the MatrikonOPC software and we find their products to be very stable and reliable.”
Oliver Nicol, Project Engineer Conspec

“The friendliness of the staff at MatrikonOPC was exceptional, which made our first experience with MatrikonOPC a positive one. We plan to work with MatrikonOPC in the future.”
Abdullah Dhooma, Project Engineer Conspec

“With so many critical systems connected to one applications, it’s obviously very important that the connection between my custom application and the PLC be consistent and reliable. I didn't hesitate to integrate MatrikonOPC in my home project where personal safety and security are of utmost importance.”
Rodney Stansbury, Systems & Support Integration Engineer

“MatrikonOPC was very helpful, professional, and knowledgeable. They recognized I had little experience with drivers and went out of their way to make sure things worked properly.”
Dave Zimmer, Vice President of AspenTech

“I thought MatrikonOPC’s hands-on OPC workshop was very helpful. The materials are great for explaining OPC to my co workers.”
Kyle Campbell, Computer Engineer of Neundorfer Inc.

“This was my first experience with MatrikonOPC. I appreciated their professional and timely approach towards helping me, not to mention their vast selection of OPC interfaces. MatrikonOPC lived up to their reputation.”
Arif Shuja, Technical Sales Engineer of Innovative Automation & Engineering Limited

“MatrikonOPC's server for Foxboro I/A provided us with the ease of use, stability and data access that we needed to properly implement a Data Acquisition System.”
Sohail Zaidi, E&I Manager for ICI Pakistan

“MatrikonOPC’s servers have performed absolutely flawlessly.”
Stuart Boyd, Project Manager for PI Technologies

“MatrikonOPC solutions have enabled our implementation team to focus their time and energy on solving control and optimization problems at the plant instead of spending valuable time and effort on connectivity issues.”
Mike Hales, Engineering Manager for KnoweldgeScape

“Our first experience with MatrikonOPC was excellent. We went with them based on recommendations by hardware suppliers. I was very pleased with all aspects of the project. Everything from pre-sales to technical support to follow-up.”
Scott Scherer, President of ScadaOne

"The key reason we chose MatrikonOPC was that no other OPC driver was as robust as theirs. Implementation went smoothly and MatrikonOPC’s support desk was valuable."
Thomas Schmid, Head Application Software Development for Intelligent Production Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)

“After my first experience integrating OPC with MatrikonOPC, I wouldn’t hesitate to use their products in the future”
Yuri Simakov, Chief of Industrial Automation Department with Sterling Group

“The MatrikonOPC webinar was most excellent. [The presenter] was superb. The information was substantive and exceedingly practical. I also appreciated the level of participation and expertise of the participants. I am very pleased with the professionalism and expertise of the MatrikonOPC staff.”
Colleen Frank, Senior Automation Engineer Vaccine Automation Engineer Vaccine Automation Services Merck & Co, Inc.

"Let me compliment you with the quality of the organization and delivery of the OPC training. It was extremely well handled. I really enjoyed it, and I will recommend the course to anyone."
Frans Martens, Control & Automation Engineer Shell Global Solutions International

“I enjoyed the seminar as it presented a lot of USEFUL information.”
Ashwini Gupta, Engineer Sarawak Shell Berhad

“MatrikonOPC is committed to long-term customer satisfaction and employs very smart and professional people. We intend to continue expanding our operation and to use MatrikonOPC wherever possible.”
Dave Zimmer, Vice President of AspenTech

“The presenters had deep knowledge and were enthusiastic. Great technology to solve long-standing problems.”
Dan Stevenson, Control Applications Support M&G Polymers USA, LLC

“We use MatrikonOPC’s Server intensively in cooperation with our Aspect Integrator Platform, a configurable OPC client application, which eases the integration of fieldbus devices into higher level software systems.”
Stéphane Van Audenhaege, R&D Engineer for ABB Jumet

“Instructors were willing to be challenged beyond their normal course material from more advanced students.”
Lowery Michael Posey, Senior Systems Programmer Duke Energy

“Instructor knows the subject very well and the subject was presented in an energetic way. A well worthwhile course!“
Andre Santerre, Weldwood Of Canada Ltd

“The workshop was conducted without bias to any vendor solutions which is exactly what OPC came into existence for.”
Rehan Fatmi, Siemens Malaysia

“The instructor is very well versed in OPC and the examples given were very good and appropriate.”
Yap Sin Gee, Technology/Systems Applications Section Head ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Well presented material and useful hands on exercises.”
Nitin Mehta, Engineer ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Singapore Priavate Limited

“Simply a GREAT course that I can recommend to anybody who wants to learn OPC basics.”
Vidar Hegre, ABB

“Hands-on demonstrations are always difficult. They went off flawlessly.”
Philip Holbert, Engineer Technikon, LLC

“MatrikonOPC has the most complete set of drivers in the world, has the most knowledgeable driver developers in the world, and has a sterling track record of customer satisfaction.“
Dave Zimmer, Vice President of AspenTech

"With Independent Certification, MatrikonOPC Servers can be counted on to provide the most secure industrial-strength connectivity. The OPC Foundation expects its members to follow the path MatrikonOPC has paved in achieving Independent Certification."
Tom Burke, President and Executive Director of the OPC Foundation
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"With OPC Data Manager from MatrikonOPC, our customers can easily integrate their disparate devices and systems. On the networking side, MatrikonOPC’s SNMP Agent for OPC solved our need to get OPC data in and out of SNMP-based applications. Siemens Building Technologies is excited to further maximize our customer’s process control investment by partnering with MatrikonOPC."
Chris Hollinger, Senior Product Manager at Siemens Building Technologies
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“A corporate agreement with MatrikonOPC provides a cost effective means to deploy MatrikonOPC products in a standard way to solidify key parts of the real-time layer of our Enterprise Production Architecture. This global standardisation allows us to minimize our project risk, reduce project implementation time, and cut operating costs. It also allows us to leverage common support processes and resources to provide more effective and consistent support around the globe. The relationship provides us a partnership to evaluate new and emerging OPC technology, and the ability to quickly adopt these new technologies when they are proven to add value. MatrikonOPC’s continued involvement in our projects allows us to provide communication redundancy and security to ensure that valuable data is available and secure in real-time throughout our Enterprise Production Architecture.”
Tom Schmid from the Global Production Portfolio team in Shell International Exploration and Production
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"Oracle Manufacturing Operations Center is designed to bring all manufacturing data together into a unified plant data repository. We need partners to fulfill this vision and are impressed with the comprehensive solution MatrikonOPC brings to the table."
Amit Singh, Product Strategy Director at Oracle.
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"Control Dynamics, Inc. focuses on providing exceptional training to its customers. By partnering with MatrikonOPC™, we are looking to provide our clients with a full training service roster. This new course will allow for students to better understand the data communication to existing systems including Emerson DeltaV, and RS3. We believe that partnering with the world’s largest OPC training provider, MatrikonOPC, will help us better meet the training objectives of our customers."
Connie Goodman, Training Manager of Control Dynamics, Inc.
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"Our mandate is to provide clients with the best integration project value on the market. As a MatrikonOPC partner, we can provide top OPC connectivity software that is backed by their [MatrikonOPC] comprehensive technical support. This helps us deliver top value to our clients in a timely manner."
Mr. V. Subramaniam, Director of Supra Controls
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"Partnering with MatrikonOPC on the development of this interface was an obvious choice. Security is a key aspect in modern data connectivity and MatrikonOPC is the leader in secure OPC communications. OMNI Flow Computers is committed to providing customers with easy and secure connectivity to all of its products."
Alan McCartney, President and CEO for OMNI Flow Computers, Inc.
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"NAIT is about education for the real world, when our students enter the workforce they will be monitoring buildings from a distance. This donation of software from MatrikonOPC will ensure they know how to use the latest technology."
Gilbert Requena, NAIT's Chair of Power Engineering Technology
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