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IT OPC Server Suite

Ensure the health and performance of your control network at all times using OPC and other industry standards.

OPC access to manageable network devices offers functionality that helps industrial users to maintain confidence in the performance of their control system network. The MatrikonOPC IT Connectivity Suite brings industrial strength reliability to your IT network.

MatrikonOPC IT Connectivity Suite

Many major DCS, PLC and other control system vendors heavily utilize Ethernet based communications as part of their distributed architectures, including routers, switches, and cabling. Also operator stations, engineering consoles and application platforms run on PC hardware using Microsoft operating systems. The health and performance of these assets are just as important as any pump, controller or conveyor.

IT network administrators know that there is a huge amount of data can be polled from network devices, including port link status, speed, data rates, network errors, power supply status, disk usage and many others. Access to this information allows administrators to display and historically record network status information as well as to remotely configure and perform management functions. Accurate and timely information on the state of the assets can be used to detect and correct impending problems before they become untimely, catastrophic failures. This data is readily available today via MatrikonOPC IT Connectivity products.



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