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Download: Understanding OPC within Experion (PKS) webcast

Entitled “Understanding OPC within Experion (PKS)”, this recorded webcast provides attendees with a clear, easy to understand introduction to OPC technology within the Experion (PKS) environment.

This recorded webcast is recommended for professionals looking to advance their knowledge of OPC and the benefits it offers in the Experion (PKS) environment.

The “Understanding OPC within Experion (PKS)” webcast provides something for everyone. Whether you are utilizing the OPC interfaces within Experion already, or are just getting started with OPC and want to know how to leverage this technology within the Experion environment - this webcast will provide you with useful knowledge to help hone your skills.

Main teaching points:
  • Basic Concepts of OPC Technology
  • OPC Specifications
  • Introduction to the OPC Interfaces within Experion
  • Experion Based Security with OPC Diagnostics within Experion Environment
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OPC is an open standards-based data sharing technology that allows control automation data sources like devices, controllers, applications and databases to easily exchange data with each other regardless of what vendor each data source comes from or what protocol it uses for its native communications. Using OPC allows engineers, integrators and end-users to best leverage new and existing control automation components by using open, truly vendor-neutral data architectures.

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