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Download: ABB Relies on MatrikonOPC when Demonstrating Controllers and Applications to Customers (Using OPC Server for Modbus)

"Matrikon’s OPC Server for Modbus is easy to integrate and provides reliable, trouble-free performance under conditions like those our clients are likely to experience in their facilities."
Stéphane Van Audenhaege,
R&D Engineer for ABB Jumet

Matrikon OPC has helped integrators all over the world by supplying reliable, robust connectivity in countless industrial settings. But a recent integration by ABB in Jumet, Belgium illustrates the level of quality and dependability associated with Matrikon’s OPC products. ABB Jumet has implemented Matrikon’s OPC Server for Modbus in its own factory for the purpose of developing and testing Modbus products and for demonstrating their controllers and applications to prospective clients.

"Currently we have three OPC server licenses," says Stéphane Van Audenhaege, R&D engineer for ABB Jumet. "Two licenses are used for development of Modbus hardware products. They are useful for checking the connectivity of our devices and to verify the consistency of the Modbus data tables related to these products."

For example, ABB’s PowerIT Power Factor Controller RVT was fitted with a Modbus communication and RS485 interface. This enabled users to connect to a new or existing Modbus network, SCADA system or other application software. To communicate with the RVT Controller, Matrikon’s OPC Server for Modbus was used.

"We use Matrikon’s OPC Server intensively in cooperation with our Aspect Integrator Platform, a configurable OPC client application, which eases the integration of fieldbus devices into higher level software systems," says Van Audenhaege.

Matrikon’s OPC Server responds to requests made by OPC client

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