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Download: OPC UA in Building Automation – What You Need To Know webcast (Part 2)

Rising energy costs, stricter environmental regulations, and fierce competition continue to drive companies to focus on every aspect of how they manage the operation of their facilities. As a result, demand for Building Automation (BA) products has gone up and with it, the need to tie components into Building Management Systems (BMSs) - where operations can be monitored and coordinated centrally. Traditionally such integration was easier said than done because of the incompatible BA protocols used by multi-vendor devices commonly found in a single facility. Fortunately, a standards-based technology called OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) provides an easy solution.

View this presentation to learn how OPC, the de facto standard for open data connectivity, can virtually eliminate your data integration challenges and more specifically - how OPC UA based applications are especially well suited to let you do more with your BA data than ever before.

Key topics covered include:

- How OPC UA enables multi-vendor Building Automation devices to be easily integrated into your BMS

- How Building Automation data can be exchanged with non-BA based systems like HMIs, historians, and control automation systems using OPC UA

- How OPC UA expands the value of your data by allowing you to make it accessible to everyone who needs it enterprise wide - from the shop-floor-to-the-top-floor

- High level overview of OPC UA

Joined by industry expert Walt Boyes (Editor in Chief - Control Global), presenters Thomas Burke (President of the OPC Foundation) and Darek Kominek (MatrikonOPC Subject Matter Expert) will provide you with an easy to understand introduction to OPC UA and how it will play an essential role in Building Automation projects.

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