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Download: Siemens Building Automation Integrates Matrikon OPC Server

"Matrikon provided the right OPC product for our needs and that made the integration go smoothly."
Antonio Ruiz
Project Manager, Siemens Building Automation S.A.

OPC Servers

Siemens Building Automation S.A., a leader in automated building solutions, was contracted by Vodafone to lend their expertise in a building expansion project. Part of the project required the integration of the connectivity network between new building automation equipment and the Building Management System (BMS). Based on a recommendation from Siemens headquarters in Europe, Siemens project manager Antonio Ruiz chose MatrikonOPC as the primary OPC vendor.

Matrikon's OPC Server for Modbus was used to connect the 940 data points from the various building devices. Of the 940 connected points, 95% were read and the remainder written to. Ruiz said the integration of the OPC Server for Modbus went very smoothly. It has provided a robust and reliable solution for connecting emergency power generators, water pumps, chillers, air handling units for computer rooms and other devices to the BMS.

"Matrikon provided the right OPC product for our needs and that made the integration go smoothly. When we did have questions, Matrikon was available with the right answers," Ruiz said. "I look forward to using Matrikon's OPC products and support for future projects."

Siemens Building Automation provides technically and commercially integrated high value services and solutions for the technical infrastructure of buildings.

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