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Download: Matrikon's OPC Server for Modbus Makes Connection to 300 RTUs Possible

"Matrikon’s OPC Server for Modbus provided the functionality we needed for the results we wanted to achieve and their knowledgeable staff made sure the product and the integration surpassed our expectations,"
Project Developer, American Wastewater Company

A private wastewater company located in the southern United States needed to monitor their infrastructure to proactively diagnose potential problems and improve customer service. The scope of the project required the integration of 300 Remote Terminal Units (RTU) that would collect information from hundreds of wastewater pumps. Data from the RTUs was made available for viewing using Iconics Genesis32 HMI. The information collected was stored in a Wonderware IndustrialSQL Process Historian. Matrikon OPC was used to connect the disparate systems, providing an open communication network for the transfer of real-time data.

OPC Driver The project developer used Matrikon’s OPC Server for Modbus (Telemetry-SCADA) to read and write real-time values to and from the process historian and HMI application. The server enabled him to implement communication redundancy using leased lines and radio communication, thus increasing reliability.

The project developer had experience integrating OPC, but had never used Matrikon's OPC products. He did extensive comparisons on-line and discovered that Matrikon had exactly the product he was looking for. "I did an exhaustive web search on OPC servers. I kept referring back to the Matrikon site," he says. "Matrikon had an OPC server that met the requirements I needed."

Prior to the integration, infrastructure maintenance at the wastewater company was driven by customer complaints. When a customer called with a probl

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